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Up One Level Sports  Paper
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Expired A Study of Market Strategies and Consumer Behavior of Rugby Sevens
   Thank you very much for sparing the time for this questionnaire. It will take less than 5 minutes to complete and will be very useful to my Master Dissertation.
lamchop 31   May-31-2011 - View Results
Expired Sports in Hong Kong l2lproject 4   May-22-2011 - View Results
Expired Sports in Hong Kong l2lproject 65   May-22-2011 - View Results
Expired How did the Beijing Olympic Games affect the point of views of different poeple
   I am a student from Maryknoll Convent School and I am conducing a survey about Olympic Games. Please help me fill it in. Thank you.
davinalam 36   Apr-28-2011 - View Results
Expired Drink company maketing research questionnaire 飲品公司市場研究調查
We are student of IVE(Lee Wai Li), this questionnaire is about the future sport drink products company develop, your opinion and join will help us to know this facet deeply.
Your par...
atvc_pj1 59   Apr-27-2011 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire about the condition of playing sports in Hong Kong
   We are Hong Kong Polytechnic University students. The questionnaire conducted below aims to find out the condition of playing sports in Hong Kong. All the data collected will be only for academic use.
terry014hk 218   Apr-14-2011 - View Results
Expired Goal-Gym survey
   Thanks very much for your support! The survey is for our "Entreprenuership" Group Project. Basically we want to set up a company to provide "Free" Gym services. The business ideas is like: Customer...
goalgym 113   Mar-18-2011 - View Results
   Instructions: Based on your current job duties and responsibilities, please check the box below which indicates the importance you place on each competency statement:
billytang 67   Mar-16-2011 - -
Expired Does the youth football training enough in Hong Kong? ymsy1012 71   Mar-13-2011 - View Results
Expired does the youth football training enough in hk? ymsy1012 3   Mar-13-2011 - View Results
Expired soccer TV games survey jonesyorke 6   Mar-09-2011 - View Results
Expired The social impacts of hosting an international sports event
   This survey is created by a student from NTHYK Yuen Long District Secondary School. The objective of the survey is to evaluate the social impacts of hosting an international sports event. The colle...
kkfong 3   Mar-07-2011 - View Results
Expired 中學生使用互聯網習慣
sonko1234 9   Mar-05-2011 - View Results
Expired 中學生使用互聯網習慣
sonko1234 1   Mar-05-2011 - View Results
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