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Up One Level Sports  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired Chosse your favourite sport
   Chosse your favourite sport
chankwanyin 7   Nov-06-2012 - View Results
Expired NFL Football bnelson829 5   Oct-09-2012 - View Results
Expired Sports
   Favourite sports
peter2012 11   Sep-20-2012 - View Results
Expired Commercialization of football
   I am student from dbs. I am working on a research studying on effect of commerialization of football.
All information collected from this questionnaire is primarily used for research purposes. ...
detlefma 3   Jul-29-2012 - View Results
Expired Exploring high academic achievers' motivation in sports in HK
   We are investigating reasons in participating sports of high academic achievers in HK.
Please indicate to what extent each of the following items corresponds to one of the reasons for which you ...
cuhk123 47   Jul-27-2012 - View Results
Expired Exploring Teenagers' self-concept in sports in relation to academic and sports achievements
   In order to get more understanding in teenagers¡¦ self-concept in sports, we would like to conduct a survey to collect your opinion.
Please help fill in the survey. Thanks!
cuhk123 4   Jul-27-2012 - View Results
Expired Motivation in a new sport in teenagers---the influence of gender difference and sport talent
   In order to get more understanding teenagers' motivation in a new sport, we would like to conduct a survey to collect your opinion.
Please help fill in the survey right after watching the video....
cuhk123 104   Jul-22-2012 - View Results
Expired The characteristics of an effective coach.
   Hello, I am a final-year student from HKBU, and i am doing a study about the characteristics of an effective coach.
Please kindly help me to fill in the questionnaire.
Thank you very much!
tracy_5 45   Apr-12-2012 - View Results
Questionnaire Amateur golfers¡¦ injuries in Hong Kong
   I am a student from Hong Kong Baptist University, majoring in Physical Education and Recreation Management. I am working on a research studying the injury patterns of Hong Kong amateur golfers, whi...
ming_timothy 17   Apr-08-2012 - -
Expired Impacts of the Government’s Support for Sports on Teenagers’ Sports Participation
   I am a Secondary Five student currently working on my Independent Enquiry Study for my Liberal Studies coursework. My research aims to investigate the government’s support for Hong Kong’s sports in...
joyceelau 64   Apr-03-2012 - View Results
Expired Super Bowl Ads 2012
Please take some time (approximately 5 to 10 minutes) to complete this questionnaire. Your responses will provide important information that will help my research in identifying the Super...
christy_chen 40   Mar-25-2012 - View Results
Expired Sport Drinks in Hong Kong
   This survey is to obtain the popularity and availability among sport drinks in Hong Kong
sportdrink 67   Mar-10-2012 - View Results
Expired Sport drinks
   To determine the available and popularity in sport drinks
sportdrink 4   Mar-10-2012 - View Results
Expired Staff Club - Sports Committee
   In order to get more understanding our staff interest in sport activities, we would like to conduct a survey to collect your opinion.
Please take one minute to finish the survey, your opinion is...
efg 119   Feb-27-2012 - View Results
Expired test abc31719918 3   Feb-22-2012 - View Results
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