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Up One Level Society  Paper
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Expired 消費者對電子產品原產地的觀念及其影響
   您好,本人是University of Leicester的學生,現正進行有關消費者在選擇外地製造的商品時,對於產品原產地的觀念及其影響之研究。所有問題均沒有對與錯的答案,您只需提供一個最能表達個人意見的答案便可。本問卷...
adisorn164 61   Jul-21-2007 - View Results
Expired Preference for Cars
   The following questionnaire is very simple.
So lightly anser them, please.
If you do, I will be so happy!!
kent800 8   Jul-18-2007 - View Results
Expired Survey on Office executive behaviors toward “Dress down in summer” campaign in Hong Kong
   This questionnaire aims to investigate the office executive behaviors towards business attire and their suggestions on smart casual dress code during summer months. All information given will be us...
tcyoau 126   Jul-17-2007 - View Results
Expired Apklausa studentams apie kopijavimo paslaugas
   Sveiki, buciau labai dekingas jei uzpildytumete sia maza apklausele.
Saulius N.
adcopy 75   Jul-15-2007 - View Results
Expired Enqu皻e sur la double discrimination Femme et Homosexuelle
   Sondage de l'Observatoire de L'Autre Cercle, groupe : Double Discrimination Femme et Homosexuelle
sondagegtdd 6   Jul-08-2007 - View Results
Expired Effects of video games...
   I'm having a research on the effects of video games... Pls answer the question honestly... pls n thnx!!!!
jillianchua 13   Jul-07-2007 - View Results
Expired Online Shopping Preference
   I believe there is difference between men and women regarding the Interent shopping, and I think the Interent is not the best way of shopping. It makes no fun of the shopping. If you believe or not...
zzhzzcc 13   Jul-06-2007 - View Results
Expired Paul Rusesabagina
   We are students from Yishun Junior College and we are doing this survey to help us gather information for our Project Work. Our group is doing on Paul Rusesabagina and his contributions to society...
yjpw 154   Jul-04-2007 - View Results
Expired IAC Project - Homosexuals
   Done By: Dawn, Fiona, Geraldine & Syafiqah
watever_gal 79   Jul-03-2007 - View Results
Expired Survey on 25.5 °C Campaign
   Hello, I am a student of the MAQAB programme at City University of Hong Kong. I am currently doing a project to investigate the impact of the 25.5 °C Campaign on the total electricity consumption...
alftse 214   Jul-01-2007 - View Results
Expired CMU: Homosexuality, the University, and the Church
   This is a poll of the CMU community for an article to be published in Outspoken a newsletter of BMC for GLBT Interests. It is an independent poll and is not in any way endorsed or affiliated with t...
jbquiring 18   Jun-29-2007 - View Results
Expired Career vs Children
   Please fill these 3 questions out very soooon!!!

misssair 18   Jun-26-2007 - View Results
Expired Media and stereotypes
   Thankyou for doing this questionnaire, i am a society and culture student currently undergoing my major personal interest project, your opinion is very much appreciated
bambi123 39   Jun-26-2007 - View Results
Expired YOU ARE SOUL!!!
   Now lets Begin! Firstly, 'Fank u kindly for your time and interest in coming to check us out...

You may have been captured by the Green Police at Glastonbury with one of our stickers or rand...
discopatrick 30   Jun-25-2007 - View Results
Expired Online Community Study
   This project considers community-making on an online bulletin board dedicated to pregnancy, birth, and parenting. All board members are welcome to contribute. Identifying details will be obscured...
purplepurple 37   Jun-23-2007 - View Results
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