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Up One Level Society  Paper
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Expired The different between Male and Female. (In Communication and interaction area)”
   This survey are use for the PIP (Personal Interest Project).
All the information are use to find out HOW and What communication difference between two gender, and try to find out the way to solv...
fssnathanchau 12   Feb-03-2008 - View Results
Expired Bike Rental Survey bikesforlovers 418   Feb-02-2008 - View Results
Expired questionnair on electicity and energy and electronic book natalieyip 195   Jan-26-2008 - View Results
   This survey has been created to better understand how women (especially mothers) use the Internet to research information regarding to childrearing, pregnancy, housework, time allocation, etc. Thi...
miwinnie 30   Jan-24-2008 - View Results
Expired Forest Perception hannahr 7   Jan-22-2008 - View Results
Expired Alimentation et Retauration
   Bonjour, je suis etudiante en 4eme année d'ecole de commerce/marketing, je realise mon mémoire sur l'impact du changement alimentaire des francais sur la restauration.
Merci d'avance de me consa...
marionlacombe 53   Jan-18-2008 - View Results
Expired Politique familiale Suédoise - Qu'en pensez-vous?
   Dans le cadre d'un projet d'examen nous avons besoin de témoignages de personnes Suédoises ayant des enfants. En effet, notre dossier traitera de la politique familiale suédoise. Merci de bien voul...
pinkrain 3   Jan-10-2008 - View Results
Expired Homosexual Movies
   Dear all,

We are two senior high school students from Taiwan, and we are conducting a study about homosexual movies. We hope to know how lesbian, gay, bisexual person and transgender person ...
inzhong 156   Jan-09-2008 - View Results
Expired ThinkAgain Awards --- URGENT!!!
   We are desperately in need of your help. PLEASE SPARE A FEW MINUTES TO FILL IN THIS THING. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!
thinkagainmc 51   Jan-08-2008 - View Results
Expired Industrial Wastes
   This is a questionnaire for generation of statistical data for my EVE Project
murari 25   Dec-30-2007 - View Results
Expired Anketa "Spēļu kāršu pielietojums mūsdienās"
   Es, 11.b klases skolnieks, Gatis Vītols, veicu aptauju, lai noskaidrotu Jūsu attieksmi par spēļu kārtīm. Rezultāti tiks izmantoti manam zinātniski pētni...
burvis8 374   Dec-29-2007 - View Results
Expired aaa
soccap 3   Dec-16-2007 - View Results
Expired Alcohol Consumption in Pubs and Nightclubs squat 36   Dec-12-2007 - View Results
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