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Up One Level Society  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired How women evaluate jeans and what they seek to express when wearing them. mmarami1 50   Feb-28-2009 - View Results
Expired Strategies and Tactics used in the "Citizens Against Rape Campaign" in achieving campaign goals
   Dear respondent,
I am Tiffany Tay Shu Ting, a third year undergraduate student of Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Public Relations at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). I am currently doing...
airboy 3   Feb-27-2009 - View Results
Expired Cross
   Some of the questions can only be answered if you live in Denmark and other questions can ony be answered by UK residents. Just answer N/A for the questions that doesn't fit your country. Thank you...
andydith 10   Feb-24-2009 - View Results
Expired The social status of women in China
   What do you think about the social status of women in China ?I am doing a project about it .would u mind filling in a questionnaire for me?Please!!
goofrey_wong 26   Feb-16-2009 - View Results
Expired Louis Vuitton, C'est une histoire de la mode française ?
   C'est un questionnaire qui est une partie de faire la recherche en termes d'histoire française. Cela prendra juste quelques minutes. Veuillez faire ceci attentivement. Merci infiniment de vo...
britneyx 15   Feb-15-2009 - View Results
Expired Personal and Interpersonal Attitudes to Music
   The purpose of this questionnaire is to gain an insight into your personal preferences and experiences of different types of music and their corresponding subcultures. The aim is to acquire an und...
bloodonthethorn 3   Feb-12-2009 - View Results
Expired Musical Preferences Questionnaire bloodonthethorn 206   Feb-11-2009 - View Results
Expired testing
aberdeen2009 3   Feb-11-2009 - View Results
Expired 香港仔旅遊項目的調查 Aberdeen Tourism Project Survey
aberdeen2009 7   Feb-11-2009 - View Results
Expired the social status of women in China
   Hi, here is the questionnaire about the social status of women in China. Can you kindly share your opinion with me? Thanks a lot!
zhaowenqing 42   Feb-07-2009 - View Results
Expired Survey: Jeans Trends
   Please take this survey to help me with my Bachelor Thesis :-)
yennifa 75   Feb-07-2009 - View Results
Expired Project Survey on different type of glazing in Hong Kong
   Objectives of the survey

1. To obtain an overview of glass on the energy performance of existing situation.
2. To compare the energy efficiency of different types of clear and treated gla...
glazingd2009k 3   Feb-07-2009 - View Results
Expired Direitos das Crian蓷s carlota 13   Feb-06-2009 - View Results
Expired xyz nishichauhan83 7   Jan-28-2009 - View Results
Expired AWARENESS ABOUT JAAGORE.COM priyanka_dhar 42   Jan-26-2009 - View Results
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