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Up One Level Society  Paper
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Expired The low income family in TSW
   I am a student studying F.5 in St.Paul's College. This questionnaire is designed to collect first-hand data from the public for the Individual Enquiry Study.
It is public knowledge that the prob...
yaualvin 81   Feb-08-2011 - View Results
Expired Perception and Behavioral survey on Green Living
   I am a final-year Geography student from the Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, China. This questionnaire serves as an important source of information for my Honors Project research, which is...
adakitning 105   Feb-07-2011 - View Results
Expired Is Being the Only Child in the Family Beneficial to a Child¡¦s Personal Development?
   Hi, I am a F.5 student in St. Paul¡¦s College. I am doing a project about the singletons¡¦ personal development. I would like to investigate whether being the only child in the family beneficial to...
leecarhong 14   Feb-04-2011 - View Results
Expired Are celebrated young singers spoiled by supporters and audiences?
   To find out whether the young teenage singers, which are mainly aged from 14 to 25 from all around the world, are spoiled by the indulgent audiences and fanatic supporters in terms of their social ...
cslbon 48   Feb-03-2011 - View Results
Expired Does the credit card payment influences adolescents/ young adults?
   Hi. I am Christine Siu from Holy Trinity College. I am doing a project about how the use of credit cards affects the adolescents'/young adults' financial condition. All information collected will b...
swschristine 156   Feb-01-2011 - View Results
Expired Could the government prevent the operation of illegal travel agency efficiently?
   I am a student from St. Paul's College. The questionnaire will only be use to acquire first-hand data from the general public for my IES. My IES project aims to investigate the efficiency of the go...
zero00 53   Feb-01-2011 - View Results
   Pri predmetu sociologija, delam seminarsko nalogo o homoseksualcih in o sprejemanju dru¾be le teh, ter sprejemanje njihovega posvajanja otrok.
sarzo14 30   Jan-31-2011 - View Results
Expired World Expo 2010 Shanghai China
   I am a student from Hebei province of China. I'm writting a paper concerning the Expo 2010 Shanghai China.
Please kindly spend a few minutes on this questionnaire. Thank you so much!^_^
shirleyzkk 17   Jan-31-2011 - View Results
Expired Ethnic minorities studying in Hong Kong
   I am a Form 5 student studying Liberal Studies and I would like to find out more about the difficulties faced by the ethnic minorities. The target group of this survey is mainly STUDENTS FROM ETHNI...
cc00cc002005 19   Jan-31-2011 - View Results
Expired How do the social websites keep our relationship with the others?
   Thank you for your time and agreeing to the interview for a few minutes. I am doing a project for Liberal Studies. I would like to know your views on ¡¥How do the social websites keep our relation...
ccha1028 7   Jan-25-2011 - View Results
Expired " Reduction" and "Recycling" of Food Waste in London
   The questionnaire is about Hong Kong and London residents' behavior and attitude towards food waste production and recycling.
All data offered by you will be kept confidentially and removed in J...
pyfung 20   Jan-18-2011 - View Results
Expired Analysis of the Causes of Accidents with respect to RMAA Works for SME in Hong Kong
   I am a final year student for a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Building Construction Engineering and Management at City University of Hong Kong. I am working on a dissertation titled ¡§Analysis ...
averichaw 8   Jan-17-2011 - View Results
Expired Compensated Dating
   Hi guys, please help me out with my Liberal Studies questionnaire.
It will only take 5 minutes, I promise! Thank you!!!
nicolechelseawong 93   Jan-13-2011 - View Results
Expired Rasuah kitzai 31   Jan-04-2011 - View Results
Expired Hong Kong Public¡¦s environmental awareness and dangerous conscious toward the Global Warming.
   In the last century, as urban forests were built up swiftly without control, our Earth got a fever of global warming, which had lead us serious environmental problem, some may even threaten our lif...
emilymusic2000 37   Jan-03-2011 - View Results
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