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Expired Pressure Problem and Emotion Management in HK

Thanks for participate this research,

We're focus on stress issue of people who live in HK,

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me,

email ...
sywong 2   Mar-30-2017 - View Results
Expired Food Waste in Hong Kong and the Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign
   The Food Wise Hong Kong (FWHK) Campaign promotes awareness of food waste and all of its effects in Hong Kong. They work within the government and public institutions to create and instill behaviour...
ntchow 28   Mar-16-2017 - View Results
Expired Investigate passenger use the automatic check-in kiosk and check-in experience
   I am a student who is studying BSc (Hons) Aviation Management in Coventry University. I am now conducting the survey in passengers use the automatic check-in kiosk in the airport and the check-in e...
rain_yu 66   May-03-2016 - View Results
Expired Contemporary issue for enquiry: The extent that graffiti should be regulated
   This questionnaire aims to find out the situation of graffiti in Hong Kong, the view of Hong Kong people towards graffiti, to compare and contrast the ways other cities and Hong Kong are dealing wi...
graffiti_questionnaire 2   Apr-12-2016 - View Results
Expired How the Mandatory Energy Effienecy Labelling Scheme affect Public Awareness and Consumer Behavior?
   Hello everyone, we are students from City University of Hong Kong. We are now doing a project about Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme (MEELS) and see to what extend this scheme affects t...
horlickjan 2   Mar-25-2016 - View Results
Expired Research on perception of passengers in service factor between Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA julie1220 3   Mar-06-2016 - View Results
Expired Should the government cut the old tree which poses threaten the public safety?
   I am a F.5 student studying liberal studies. I am conducting a survey on should the government cut the trees when it poses threat to public safety. The aim of this project is to investigate the gov...
ctc331 2   Feb-17-2016 - View Results
Expired YCCC facilities
   Are you satisfied with the facilities at YCCC?
elphert 12   Nov-25-2015 - View Results
Expired McDonalds Consumption Popularity Survey
   Help us to better understand McDonald's popularity!
miguelurm 33   Nov-05-2015 - View Results
Expired McDonalds Consumption Survey
   McDonalds. One of the worlds' largest leading fast food corporations. Found on practically every corner of the globe, McDonalds racks in billions of dollars a year. Chime in and help us acquire a c...
miguelurm 2   Nov-04-2015 - View Results
Expired Would you go for holiday inn express in hongkong
   Holiday inn express is cheap with standard quality, in Hong Kong hotels are expensive, with holiday inn express the price will be low, and with lots of good offer from the ihg
xixi92 3   Oct-02-2015 - View Results
Expired Which Toll Adjustment Option Benefits Harbour-Crossing Commuters the Most?
   This questionnaire is suitable for commuters who use the three Road-Harbour Crossings (RHCs), namely the Cross Harbour Tunnel (CHT), Eastern Harbour Crossing (EHC) and Western Harbour Crossing (WHC...
sunnyngwinglam 71   Aug-05-2015 - View Results
Expired [IES]探討網絡世界對本港青少年認知學習的影響
gordonwong 30   Apr-10-2015 - View Results
Expired Role and status of heterosexual couples in family in modern society
   We are the anthropology students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and we are now doing a research on the transformation of roles and status of heterosexual couples in family in modern socie...
lamuel529 3   Mar-27-2015 - View Results
Expired Consumer Behaviour towards Imported Products in Grocery Stores
   I am a college student, currently doing dissertation related to this topic. I need your help to complete this questionnaire. Thank you for your participation.
ngelaine93 1   Mar-07-2015 - View Results
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