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Up One Level Society  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired About the situation of tertiary students doing Part-time jobs siu_yui 105   Mar-08-2005 - View Results
Expired Ĥ֦~ϥΦWP~ݨլd
   ~AVӶVhHϥΦWP~pG Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, Prada, Fendi and BurberryCʶRoǫ~PH礣AuOI@ڡAWZ@ڡAƦ܋Ĥ֦~]O䤤@sCFX...
furry_steph 114   Feb-20-2005 - View Results
Expired Survey on the shaving products
   We are students from the City University. We are currently doing a survey on the shaving product. You information will be used on our assignment only and will be kept disclosed. Thank you for your ...
menshaving 178   Feb-19-2005 - View Results
Expired լdPƪHݪk
psy_201d 83   Feb-11-2005 - View Results
Expired Should Same-Sex Marriage Be Legalize
   This is a survey to find out what people thinks about same-sex marriage
blurry 181   Jan-26-2005 - View Results
Expired Research for Factor and Prevention of Abortion gallen06 100   Jan-24-2005 - View Results
Expired sexual harassment younggogh 95   Jan-13-2005 - View Results
Expired An effort towards reducing the traffic of Bangalore City
   Considering today's traffic jams of bangalore city, this survey intends to capture the information related to car owners,
The objective is find out, whether car owners are willing to prefer othe...
aol_5h_program 91   Jan-09-2005 - View Results
Expired The Importance of Branding in Hong Kong
   We are a group of students from IVE. We are doing a project regarding the importance of branding in Hong Kong. We would be grateful if you would take a few moments to complete this questionnaire....
project_branding 304   Jan-05-2005 - View Results
Expired jǥͺWǩIϥβߺDΤHYsլd
garysoc 86   Dec-09-2004 - View Results
Expired Factor's influencing the decision of joining a student society.
   We are second year students making a survey on student societies.
Whith this questionair we would like to find out what factors are
important in the decision making of students.
Please ...
oordt 137   Dec-01-2004 - View Results
Expired Qۦ^k᭻HD
anniesnicky 143   Nov-12-2004 - View Results
Expired Homosexuality: Nature or Nurture?
   This questionnaire aims to get your opinion on whether homosexuality is a result of biological traits, or enviornmental factors.
oo7amanda 90   Nov-04-2004 - View Results
Expired Delivery Services for Elderly
   We are a group of Polyu students and now doing a project about Delivery Services for Elderly.

Delivery Service for Elderly is our idea for helping elderly and their family members. It provid...
lancy12123 161   Nov-03-2004 - View Results
Expired FѤjQr|{Ѱݨլd
   An, ڭ̬OjǪ|dzǥ
leo0131 126   Nov-02-2004 - View Results
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