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Up One Level Society  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired Growing Up Lesbians apap 37   Jun-19-2005 - View Results
Expired Hong Kong Low Birth Rate
   Hong Kong birth rate was the lowest in the world at 0.7 children per woman of childbearing age in 2004. Ex-Chief Secretary Donald Tsang Yam Kuen (currently
Chief Executive) who heads the Task F...
stsoi 200   Jun-18-2005 - View Results
Expired Most youth crimes are drug related?
   I am doing a survey to find out how youth crimes and drugs are related. i would like to find out the connection of drugs and recent youth crime.
akk198748 86   Jun-04-2005 - View Results
Expired "To-know-you-better" Questionnaire
   My dear ASME members, do you want to get involve? Is there anything you really want to say and give us suggestion? Then this is your turn! Please take some time to fill up the questionnaire so that...
hlau 6   May-31-2005 - View Results
Expired Questionair about the problem of disposal of plastic bag in Hong Kong amethyst_son 134   May-22-2005 - View Results
Expired Party King 派對王
group28 66   May-19-2005 - View Results
Expired Develop a romantic spa resort in Hong Kong
   This is a questionnaire for develop a totally new concept of romantic spa resort in Hong Kong . To investiage is this new spa resort is possiable in Hong Kong and the possisbility of attracting mor...
lachica_oioi 17   May-19-2005 - View Results
Expired Transportation System: Public Buses in Hong Kong janiceh 102   May-12-2005 - View Results
Expired IH Project Questionnaire *Please Help*
   I am a student from Hong Kong and I am doing a Project which require your help.
I need you to help to fill in the questions.
Do not worry it wont take long, but try to take your time to fill ...
lawryzon 87   May-11-2005 - View Results
Expired The Slut Survey
   Hello. My name is Mariah McMurtrie; I am a freshman at the University of Washington conducting a survey for my sociology course. This survey discussed the social stereotype of the different genders...
theslutservey 143   May-03-2005 - View Results
Expired Slimming Down in Hong Kong
   I am carrying out a survey about the trend of slimming down in Hong Kong
normal 55   May-02-2005 - View Results
Expired Students dropping their grades as their going to higher levels of Mathematics.
   Please help me on my research project by completing this survey.
anays06 86   Apr-23-2005 - View Results
Expired Survey on the governmen's concept plan for the Lantau Island
   Dear Sir/Madam,

We are the studentsfrom the HKU SAPCE Community College(School of Professional And Continuing Education, The University of Hong Kong ),who are studying in the Higher Diploma ...
sunco 44   Apr-18-2005 - View Results
Expired Questionnaires of public’s view on the government’s concept plan for the Lantau Island
   Good morning!

We are the students in the HKU SAPCE Community College(School of Professional And Continuing Education, The University of Hong Kong ),who are studying in the Higher Diploma pro...
sunco 4   Apr-18-2005 - View Results
Expired Shaping the Future of Lantau-- An investigation into the Concept Plan
   Being the biggest island in Hong Kong, Lantau has been a very famous local attraction for visitors. In fact the government has recognized its potential for more tremendous developments to help enha...
cherriei 121   Apr-09-2005 - View Results
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