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Expired Individual Visit Scheme Survey
   I am Cherry Yip, a F.5 student from Good Hope School. I am doing a Liberal Studies project IES concerning about the effect of Individual Visit Scheme on secondary school studentsˇ¦ national identit...
cherryyip 80   Nov-22-2012 - View Results
Expired Mobile phone survery
   What is your preference for the next potential mobile phone switching?
And how do you think of the appeals from iPhone 5?
ajo104 93   Nov-15-2012 - View Results
Expired Joint Staff Development activities
   We are pleased to inform you that the Joint Staff Development activities will be held on 16/1/2013 (Wednesday) at WK campus.

Please indicate preference for lunch and dinner via the bottom ˇ§...
ccpat 89   Oct-26-2012 - View Results
Expired Joint Staff Development activities
   We are pleased to inform you that the Joint Staff Development activities will be held on 16/3/2013 (Wednesday) at WK campus. The tentative rundown for programme & is list below:

1. 9:45 - 10...
ccpat 13   Oct-26-2012 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire about Lan Kwai Fong
   This is a questionnaire for Hong Kong Cultural Studies Project
terrylou 23   Oct-25-2012 - View Results
Expired Public transports in Hong Kong
   This is my first computer assignment related to Hong Kong Transportation. Please help me do the questionaire seriously, it may take you a few minutes. Many thanks.
kinkiiii 2   Oct-12-2012 - View Results
Expired Consumers Behavior
   Hello this is a student from Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School, I would like to do a survey to investigate student's expenses on branded items.
kennethxbear 26   Sep-10-2012 - View Results
Expired 2012, The End of The World?
   Hi, we are a group of students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. We are doing a survey looking into respondentsˇ¦ attitudes towards 2012 end of the world. We should be very appreciative if yo...
stein 101   Aug-31-2012 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire on teens attitude towards sex.
   We are S5 students at PLK Ngan Po Ling College. We are doing a survey on do teens having good attitude towards sex. Please help us fill in this questionnaire. The questionnaire is for research purp...
eunjung 17   Aug-30-2012 - View Results
Expired Are the students in Ngan Po Ling college happy or not?
   Hi! I am Brian Wong Man Ho, a form 5 student of Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College (NPL). I am now conducting a survey for my IES project about the happiness index of students in NPL, what they usua...
nicolefab 2   Aug-27-2012 - View Results
Expired Consumers Behavior
   This Is Kenneth Wong From Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School , this survey is to investigate Hong Kong Student expenses on branded products to study students concept of money management
kennethxbear 13   Aug-26-2012 - View Results
Expired Smart Phone marketing820 9   Aug-14-2012 - View Results
Expired Is the 50 cents plastic bag levy in HK effective?
   I am a form 4 student doing an independent enquiry study for the subject liberal studies. I would like to investigate on the effectiveness of the $0.5 plastic bag levy imposed by the government in ...
cynthiachan826 46   Aug-07-2012 - View Results
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