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Up One Level Psychology  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired Ankieta psychologiczna
   Nazywam si Anna Popawska i jestem studentk Wydziau Pedagogiki i Psychologii na Uniwersytecie w Biaymstoku. W obecnym 2005 roku pisz prac magistersk na temat: „Badanie symbiotycznych c...
pzinek 1   Mar-14-2005 - View Results
Expired Percepo de risco face ao HIV/SIDA em homens.
   Somos um grupo de alunos do 3 ano da Licenciatura de Psicologia na Universidade da Beira Interior e estamos a desenvolver um estudo acerca da percepo de risco face ao HIV/SIDA em homens em fun...
trabalhosaude 17   Mar-14-2005 - View Results
Estou a desenvolver um estudo cujo objectivo analisar os comportamentos de natureza sexual entre homens que tm sexo com outros homens.
Para tal, a sua colaborao muito importante,...
henriquepereira 353   Feb-27-2005 Marking Scheme View Results
Questionnaire Intelligence Quotient test
   Please note:
If English is not your native language, your reported IQ score may be negatively affected. However a mastery of the English language is not needed here.

Instructions for the...
nnskage 182   Feb-15-2005 Marking Scheme View Results
Expired Eating Behaviour eunicepoon 61   Jan-31-2005 - View Results
Expired Eating Behaviour eunicepoon 5   Jan-26-2005 - View Results
Expired Musical Preference
   This questionnaire may be familiar to some of you who are interested in gender differences. It is designed to find out how your brain is "wired", whether your brain is male or female. I have adde...
katbax 244   Jan-18-2005 - View Results
Questionnaire Questionrio de avaliao das opinies dos professores face Sobredotao
   Com o questionrio que a seguir apresentamos temos como objectivo conhecer a opinio dos professores acerca do que o sobredotado e/ou a sobredotao, por isso pedimos a sua colaborao neste estu...
henrique 13   Jan-06-2005 - View Results
Questionnaire Job Content Survery
   Thank you for your participation.

Please complete all the questions.

All the information obtained will be used for my research thesis only and kept anonymous & confidential.
joewong123 63   Nov-29-2004 - -
Expired Questionnaire on romantic relationship experience
   ***** a chance to win HK$500 (US$65)!!!*****

Thank you for your interest in this questionnaire. I am a senior Psychology student in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I am now investigatin...
entrapment 139   Nov-19-2004 - View Results
Expired C֦~`۰D
   zn, ڬOШ|ǰ|Ш|aAǤhҵ{@~ť͡AFѲ{C֦~`۪[Bͭ]θѨMkA{i@²檺ݨլdA߱դUƤHUݨC
k_ckh 130   Nov-14-2004 - View Results
Expired The Social Clock and Life Transitions
   I am a Year 1 student at the City University. Data from this survey will be used for my psychology course assignment. I would like to seek for your opinion on social clock. There are no right or wr...
pigletyan 130   Nov-04-2004 - View Results
Expired ĤT̪S
   An! ڭ̬O䤤jpXѰ|ǥ͡Cڭ̥sHRYAרOĤT̪AH@ڭ̲~פ媺DCѻPoݨsD@ʽCݨeOKAӧA礣|QOCAvHɲפѻP...
jeremies 93   Oct-28-2004 Marking Scheme View Results
Expired ĤT̪S
   An! ڭ̬O䤤jpXѰ|ǥ͡Cڭ̥sHRYAרOĤT̪AH@ڭ̲~פ媺DCѻPoݨsD@ʽCݨeOKAӧA礣|QOCAvHɲפѻP...
jeremies 85   Oct-28-2004 Marking Scheme View Results
Expired What is your attitude towards homosexual people?
   Hi there! We are a group of Psychology students from University of Hong Kong conducting a survey about the attitude of the public towards homosexuals or their respective rights. We are looking for ...
rm04 232   Oct-21-2004 - View Results
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