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Up One Level Psychology  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired 你會對鬼產生恐懼嗎?
psy_fear_ghost 83   Nov-06-2005 - View Results
Expired 講價的心態
fannyandsally 35   Oct-29-2005 - View Results
Expired Parenting and Personal Values
The purpose of this study is to research your personal opinions about different aspects of life and parenting issues.

Participation in this study will involve co...
bereababe 93   Oct-22-2005 - View Results
Expired 你與你朋友的關係
wcsangela 37   Oct-21-2005 - View Results
Expired Survery of Online Condom free_dom 57   Oct-14-2005 - View Results
Expired Barriers to communication with the opposite sex in personal life
   This is a survey for my course "effective communication"
thanks for your help to fill the questionnaire.
xboy3000 41   Sep-17-2005 - View Results
Expired Opposite's Attracting Questionnaire
   The following questions are designed to examine the effects of an opposites attract relationship. It may be taken by a person who has had an opposites attract relationship or someone with close ha...
mellap 4   Sep-16-2005 - View Results
Expired ankieta psychologiczna
   Nazywam si Anna Pop豉wska i jestem studentk Wydzia逝 Pedagogiki i Psychologii na Uniwersytecie w Bia造mstoku. W obecnym 2005 roku pisz prac magistersk na temat:"Badanie symbiotycznych cech oso...
pzinek 129   Aug-28-2005 - View Results
   This questionnaire is related to your sexual life during the last 4 weeks.
The questions are directly focused on your sexuality.

Please reply as honestly as possible, as this questionnai...
henriquepereira 978   Jul-25-2005 Marking Scheme View Results
Questionnaire test1 changpsychlab 4   Jul-14-2005 Marking Scheme View Results
Expired What does your family plan like?
   Hi! Here is a questionnaire by an A-level Psychology student in England. I'm looking for some reasons which might affect your thoughts of family plan. e.g. age of marriage, number of children, live...
michelangelo 201   Jun-30-2005 - View Results
Expired SRES Shortest Form
   The following are ten statements about men and women. For each statement, please select the answer which best reflects your own judgment of agreement or disagreement. Please answer as honestly as p...
relias 81   Jun-19-2005 - View Results
Expired Sosc 301C
   We are a group of students working on a psychology project. We would like to understand self-esteem of university graduates. In this questionnaire, questions regarding academic result, job searchi...
dorothycheung 105   Jun-03-2005 - View Results
Expired test
waiky 2   May-26-2005 - View Results
Expired Ankieta psychologiczna
   Nazywam si Anna Pop豉wska i jestem studentk Wydzia逝 Pedagogiki i Psychologii na Uniwersytecie w Bia造mstoku. W obecnym 2005 roku pisz prac magistersk na temat: „Badanie symbiotycznych c...
pzinek 25   Apr-26-2005 - View Results
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