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Up One Level Psychology  Paper
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Expired The Difference of Sexual Mindset between Boys and Girl in HKU SPACE College
   We are now conducting a survey about The difference of sexual mindset between boys and girls. Please kindly spare a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire. All the personal information will be on...
nicole1020 7   Nov-04-2008 - View Results
Expired An investigation into the choice of secondhand products in the secondhand shops in HK
   I am conducting a research project in final year of my thesis, please kindly taking a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire. Thank you for your provided information.
knb200810 40   Oct-25-2008 - View Results
Expired A Validation Study of Time Perspective among Malaysians
   We invite you to take part in this research project titled, A Validation Study of Time Perspective among Malaysians. This research is a part of a study on Time Perspective in Malaysia. We expect ...
jeff_gan 23   Oct-20-2008 - View Results
Expired Relationship Between Adolescent ADHD and Substance Abuse
   This questionnaire sets to obtain data for my indep. research project. Adolescent therapists, and substance abuse clinicians encouraged to participate.
kremo66 2   Oct-19-2008 - View Results
   My name is Yoojeong Nadine Seo. I am currently undertaking my PhD in Applied Psychology at University of Nottingham, UK. As part of my degree, I am investigating peoples experiences of work, part...
mzyxeys2 6   Oct-19-2008 - View Results
Expired Why do people switch jobs?
   This questionnaire intends to find out the psychology/requirements that drives individuals to switch their jobs.
akhil_gupta 5   Oct-16-2008 - View Results
Expired Getting acquainted?
   I am a final year psychology student investigating the acquaintance process- how we get to know people when we enter a new social environment in which most the inhabitants are strangers to us. Havi...
ruthxx11 9   Oct-13-2008 - View Results
Expired Relationship between Gender and Superstition
   It is for my psychology project. Please take a few minutes to do the questionnaire.
jacquelinart 64   Oct-10-2008 - View Results
Expired What is the relationship between Training and Organizational Commitment?
   This is an MSc student at the University of Leicester carrying out research for the dissertation and is NOT representing any other companies or organizations. It is currently undertaking research o...
nobleyung 113   Sep-29-2008 - View Results
Expired What are your stress triggers?
   Stress is a fact of life. Excessive stress levels could also lead to higher risks of health problems. Hence in this survey, we would like to find out more about how each individual cope with stress...
christina 23   Sep-16-2008 - View Results
Expired Why people stay in abusive relationships
   I am writing a paper on why people stay in abusive relationships for my psychology class. No Joke. Please help me with my paper. All answers wiill remain anonymous.
aussie2fyre 7   Sep-09-2008 - View Results
Expired A survey of the buying preference and attitude to the national brand and import brand products
   Hi, I am a student of MSc Marketing at Napier University Edinburgh ,and this is my final year dissertation. Please help to fill in below questionnaires. It would take you less than 5 minutes to...
phoenixlam_napieruni 131   Sep-08-2008 - View Results
Expired ݨ题ءG겣~PMif~P~ʶRߦnMA׶iլd
   zn ! HNapier University Edinburgh MSc MarketingӤhǥ,
{i沦~פsg@, Щ5_Qɶ, ^HUݨ, C ¡C

phoenixlam_napieruni 3   Sep-08-2008 - View Results
Expired Job Satisfaction, Work life balance and happiness
   This is a project done by students of IIM Lucknow. Kindly fill up this questionnaire form which will help
us in analysing relationship beteen job satisfcation, work life balance and happiness
narendra_email 181   Sep-02-2008 - View Results
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