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Up One Level Psychology  Paper
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Expired To understand how the fast fashion drives consumer behavior in Hong Kong
   We are IVE V BA students and now conducting a survey which relates to understand how the fast fashion drives consumer behavior in Hong Kong. Through this brief survey, your answers will be helpful...
kary0322 108   Apr-02-2016 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire on Mate Preferences of Women
   The purpose of this questionnaire is to learn about the effects of self-perceived physical attractiveness, career focus, number of potential partners and romantic relationship experience on the mat...
nslau7 114   Jan-23-2016 - View Results
Expired Impulsive buying
   Hello! I am a student of JMI, India and I am doing a project on Impulsive buying behavior.Here I sincerely want you to help me fill in the questionnaire.
ashu_k2015 3   Aug-25-2015 - View Results
Expired Strengthsfinder curiousworks 16   May-25-2015 - View Results
Expired 5 Things To Do Before U graduate
   We want to find out which of the above 5 things is most important to year one students and find out why they think its important
acbxyz 2   Nov-12-2014 - View Results
Expired A Study of Attachment Styles, Personal Meaning of Death and Death Anxiety in Hong Kong
   Informed Consent Form

Hello, I am WONG Kit-ching, a postgraduate student studying the course of Master of Social Sciences in Applied Psychology at the City University of Hong Kong. I would l...
wong_kit_ching 4   Jul-25-2014 - View Results
Expired Relationship between Parents and Adult Sons/Daughters (version 3)
   We are a group of Psychology graduate students of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and we are currently working on a research project. The aim of the project is to study the relationship of you...
question617 4   Jun-18-2014 - View Results
Expired organizational commitment effect between job satisfaction and turnover intention mbatts 5   May-24-2014 - View Results
Expired PʱB_Xk christykwok 30   May-24-2014 - View Results
Expired Alcohol Consumpton survery1234 3   Apr-23-2014 - View Results
Expired Peer Effect on self identification of fashion and non fashion students' appearance
   Dear research participant, we are a group of students from the University of Delaware conducting a survey on psychological effects of both peer influence and self identification of college students...
stellacheung 112   Apr-17-2014 - View Results
Expired Hong Kong Internet Addiction
   How do you know if youre already addicted or rapidly tumbling toward trouble? The Internet Addiction Test is the first validated and reliable measure of addictive use of the Internet. Developed by...
hannahchungkays 66   Mar-24-2014 - View Results
Expired Study of Locus of Control of MPL Graduate
   This questionnaire is to study the locus of control of the participants in MPL program, please read the following statement before continue:

I volunteer to participate in a research project ...
romeo988 7   Feb-27-2014 - View Results
Expired Sleep schedule jacxbmxrris 16   Feb-24-2014 - View Results
Expired Time Spent bemert 30   Feb-22-2014 - View Results
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