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Up One Level Psychology  Paper
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Expired Which role do you think I am within a team?
   Please answer 1 question to help me to finish a part of my project, thanks so much!!
katieyu 9   Nov-07-2010 - View Results
Expired Consumer Behaviors of Crossover product in Levi’s Questionnaire
   I am a student of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Institute of Fashion and Textile and carry out a research on Impulse Purchase of consumers shop in Hong Kong Levi’s Store.
All information...
s34298l 7   Oct-31-2010 - View Results
Expired How do you describe my personality?
I am doing my Final Year Project. I need your help to finish a part of it. Please click the best description to what you think Katie Wong is in your mind, only 4 questions. Thanks for your...
katieyu 63   Oct-30-2010 - View Results
Expired feather duster kying312 53   Oct-21-2010 - View Results
Expired 香港中文大學公共衞生及基層醫療學院 - 心理健康研究問卷調查 cherrylin 53   Oct-20-2010 - View Results
Expired Attitudes towards homosexuality
   We are a group of Year 2 students from HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Community College. We are working on a research project about perceptions of homosexuality. Your help in filling out this questionnaire...
chichunfaat 51   Oct-17-2010 - View Results
Expired Use of Facebook and Social Capital (main phase data collection)
   Thank you for your participation. This is a research of the final year project of a postgraduate psychology student from City University of Hong Kong regarding the relationship between use of Faceb...
kamiyucyrus 139   Sep-15-2010 - View Results
Expired 政治領袖優勢跨文化問卷調查

williammontage 51   Aug-22-2010 - View Results
Expired test
deni 2   Aug-11-2010 - View Results
Expired Shape-matching test
   In this test, you will see three shapes that are different from one another. Your job is to group the two that best go together.
doctorc 25   Aug-02-2010 Marking Scheme View Results
Expired What factors determine your first impression towards complete strangers?
   We are a group of first-year students in university and we are conducting a survey on “First Impression”. We hope that you can help us complete this questionnaire.

In this questionnaire, t...
jugglebds 73   Jul-23-2010 - View Results
Questionnaire Prize Draw of 瞿20
   Thank you for your participation. If you would like to enter a prize draw of 瞿20 as compensation for your time, please enter your email address in the next page. Please note that the email address...
metacognition123 26   Jul-16-2010 - -
Expired 運氣對學習動機影響的研究
   您好! 本人是樹仁大學輔導及心理學系學生,本人正現正進行一項關於運氣對學習動機影響的研究。填寫問卷大約需時五至十分鐘。研究結果只作分析及研究用途,個人資 料絕對保密,並於整個研究結束後銷毀。
zerolam112 76   Jul-15-2010 - View Results
Expired enpowerment
   empowerment test
chungwaiyu 4   Jul-11-2010 - View Results
Expired 羅森伯自信心量表 (Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale) chungwaiyu 4   Jul-11-2010 - View Results
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