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Up One Level Politics  Paper
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Expired IES concerning socio-political participation of Hong Kong
   Greetings, I am a Secondary Five student from St. Joseph's College, and I am currently conducting a research on socio-political participation. Please kindly spend a couple of minutes to finish the ...
henrythchiu 43   May-16-2016 - View Results
Expired How family members and friends influence teenager’s political stance on universal suffrage? skyyy08 7   Nov-12-2015 - View Results
Expired How family members and friends influence teenager’s political stance on universal suffrage? skyyy08 7   Nov-12-2015 - View Results
Expired Politics and Youth in Australia
   Thank you for participating in this survey. Your response will help contribute towards research on youth and their knowledge of politics. Please answer honestly and do not use the internet or the a...
woodla 111   Jul-24-2015 - View Results
Expired 探討中國歷史科的教學內容與青少年國民身份認同的關係
kelly330 3   Jul-02-2015 - View Results
Expired The influence “One issuance multiple entries visa” on the Hong Kong society
I am Year2 student of Translation and Interpreting at Caritas Institute of High...
lamlam91630 58   Apr-02-2015 - View Results
Expired How does “Occupying Central” affect Hong Kong? 佔領中環如何影響香港?
   Hello, I am a Form 5 student from the St. Paul's College. I am now conducting an independent enquiry study for LS school-based assessment. Here is a questionnaire concerning mainly on four differen...
martinlhc 55   May-06-2014 - View Results
Expired What do YOU think about the HK Government?
   This questionnaire is designed to understand the general public view towards the HKSARG (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government). The result obtained will be used only as an art researc...
isabeltse121 11   Dec-29-2013 - View Results
Questionnaire System Administrator webgrade453 3   Dec-15-2013 - View Results
Questionnaire visa verifiedvisa4521 1   Nov-19-2013 - View Results
Questionnaire administrador del sistema webgrade2185 13   Apr-15-2013 - View Results
Questionnaire LR webgrade2097 1160   Feb-19-2013 - View Results
Expired Questionaire on the Kai Tak Development
   I am a form 6 student from PLK Ngan Po Ling college. I am doing a survey about the Kai Tak redevelopment scheme and the views of Hong Kong people towards this project. The Questionaire would only b...
jeffreychiu 35   Sep-02-2012 - View Results
Expired Clima Laboral
   Clima Laboral
jpmartinez 4   Aug-13-2012 - View Results
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