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Up One Level News & Media  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired Women in Science Fiction
   A questionnaire on the changing role of women in science-fiction films
beastlove 18   Jun-21-2006 - View Results
Expired The communicaton of Mobile prepayment-cards logotypes
   Sveicināti! Šī anketa ir veidota Latvijas Universitātes Komunikācijas zinātnes studenta pētījuma ietvaros un tās mērķis ir noskaidrot, cik liela loma mobilo telefonu priekšapmaksas karšu mārketinga...
edgarslv 93   Jun-10-2006 - View Results
Expired Daily News and Analysis (DNA) Questionnaire
   Welcome. This questionnaire would take 2-4 mins of your time.
pleiades 3   May-24-2006 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire on film preferences peterlchan 77   May-12-2006 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire for Questar Gas for MKT348 class
   The following questionnaire is for the purpose of a marketing class primary data pull in preparing for a public relations campaign. It should only take 3 minutes or less.
suzettekooyman 24   May-09-2006 - View Results
Expired Were you restricted in the way you reported 7/7?
   This is designed to be completed by all reporters / journalists / editors who covered the events on and following 7/7
tranparency 8   May-08-2006 - View Results
Expired A Survey on the Future of the Media
   This is a survey on the future of the media, intended for students, academics and practicitioners of journalism.
ekrayewski 140   May-07-2006 - View Results
Expired Survey for identifying people attitudes for recycling household waste in Hong Kong
   Identifying people attitudes, perspectives and expectations for recycling household waste and understanding the difficulties for implementing recycling in practice.
This project does not requir...
winniema428 10   May-04-2006 - View Results
Expired Who killed Jonbenet Ramsey?
   Who killed Jonbenet Ramsey? Was it her father? Was it her mother?
mcasoftballchik 12   Apr-19-2006 - View Results
Expired The questionnair of Nokia
   Hello, we are CUSCS stdent carrying a research project about Nokia. Please help us fill in the following short questionnair.
nokia2006 109   Mar-30-2006 - View Results
Expired Mobile Phone Consumption
   Thank you for taking the time completing our questionnaire - there are 15 questions and it should take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete. The data that is collected will be used for our gro...
ricozacher 95   Mar-28-2006 - View Results
Expired which network is the best?
   well the two biggest network are ABS-CBN CHANNEL 2 and GMA 7...they are the networks who hav same ratings of viewers...
aljon 2   Mar-27-2006 - View Results
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