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Basic Features

No limits for number of questions and responses - You can use my3q to create projects with unlimited number of questions and responses.

Four types of projects: survey, polling, examination and psychology test - We provide templates and wizard to help you create these projects and save your time and effort.

Various answer types to fit any kind of questions - Each type has its own advanced properties and customization. e.g choice type allows only one selection or multiple selection, number is integer or decimal...

Answer validation - You can define rules to validate the answers. e.g. range of the value for number type, date format, number of characters...

Compulsory questions & optional questions - You can specify which questions must be answered and improve the quality of your data.

Images in questionnaire - You can insert images in your questionnaires.

Section break and remark - A questionnaire can be divided into many sections(pages) to make it tidy.Besides, remark can be added to guide respondents.

Question flow - You can set some rules to skip certain non-applicable questions.

Marking scheme - For examination and psychology test, you can set marking scheme to calculate the marks and give comments to respondents automatically .

Question Library - We provide frequently used questions for you. After questionnaires created, all questions would be saved in your personal folder for future use.

Drawing Pad - You can ask respondents to draw pictures as answer.

Questions displayed in Matrix format (New Feature) - Questions in selection type having the same options will be automatically placed together in Matrix format. It makes your questionnaires more professional. Click here to view sample.

Date of publication and expiration - You can set the date and time of publication and expiration to restrict respondents when to fill the questionnaire/take the exam.

Response notification - You can send emails to invite your friends to fill your questionnaires easily.

Categories and personal folder - You can place your questionnaire in one of public categories. It helps people to find your questionnaires. Or you can store them in your personal folder.

Live result analysis - We provide live results of responses for all questions. Bar chart or pie chart let you view the statistics of respondents' choices

Download results - All the data can be downloaded to your local computer for further analysis. You can use your spreadsheet application such as Excel to create graphs.

Useful respondent information - For each respondent, we would record the submit time, ip address and host name for your own reference.

Manage responses - You can delete unwanted or duplicated response to improve the quality of data.

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Advance Features
(Premium and enterprise users only)

Question and order randomization - The system can randomly select questions from a pool of questions for each respondents. Furthermore, the order of questions can also be randomized. This feature eliminates any unintended bias.

Timer - You can set the time limit for respondents to fill the questionnaire. When time is up, the questionnaire/exam paper would be submited automatically.

Authentication - We provide two authentication methods for you to select. One is 'Password Authentication'-You can set password for a questionnaire to protect from unauthorized persons.
Another is 'Email Invitation'-Questionnaires are only open to be viewed and filled by invited guests, links to questionnaire invitations can be forwarded by email.
For enterprise users, you can define a group of person and specify which group to access a certain questionnaire.

Restrict public access to your results - You can let others to view your results after submitting questionnaire or only after a specified date. You can also restrain public access to your results.

Email notification - For each response, you could choose to receive notification email.

Redirect URL after submitting questionnaire - Respondents can be redirected to the page of your choice after submitting questionnaire.

Never expire - Premium and enterprise users can set the questionnaire to never expire.

No advertisement in your questionnaires - It makes your questionnaires more professional.

Create your own banner in your questionnaires - Place your company logo or banner to make your questionnaires more professional.

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Enterprise Features
(Enterprise users only)

Customized URL - You can assign an customized URL.

Your company logo - Display your own company logo on each page to position yourself as a professional.

Manage folder - You can create any folder and classify questionnaires.

Manage your own user - You can create up to 100 user accounts to log into your survey site. You can assign permission to each user, such as creating questionnaires, managing folders, adding new users...

Manage your own group - You can create groups and grant access right of folders or questionnaires.

Special Needs? - Please feel free to contact our customer service staff to help you. Please send an email to us at

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