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Up One Level Education  Paper
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Expired WebLogins outweb9 1   Oct-28-2013 - View Results
Expired Survey on Fast Food Restaurants in Hong Kong
   I am a student studying MBA at the University of Wales (UK) in partnership with Hong Kong Management Association. Now I am conducting an academic research to evaluate and identify the Hong Kong fas...
victorlcy 63   Oct-19-2013 - View Results
Expired Critical factors for TQM implementation and their impacts on the performance of HK SMEs
   I am Yuki from City University of Hong Kong. I am doing my final year dissertation on Critical success factors for TQM implementation and their impact on performance of Hong Kong SMEs. This is a su...
yuki6077 46   Oct-18-2013 - View Results
Expired Analyze the auditor ethical responsibilities
   I am a part-time student studying BA (Hons) Accounting at Edinburgh Napier University in Hong Kong.First of all, thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. I am writing a topic o...
zoehui117 6   Oct-16-2013 - View Results
Questionnaire Master verifiedmastercard5501 12   Sep-25-2013 - View Results
Expired Analyze of Investing in Renewable Energy Business in China
   Hello, I am Mars Lam. This enquiry is aim to analyze of Investing in Renewable Energy Business in China.
I am truly hoped that you can kindly complete this questionnaire with a few minutes. All ...
mars0404 7   Sep-15-2013 - View Results
Expired Ocamp Project
   此問卷調查為了完成功課project, 請大家幫幫忙, 廣發出去~謝謝~~
bewisecl 2   Sep-11-2013 - View Results
Expired Ocamp Project
   此問卷調查為了完成功課project, 請大家幫幫忙, 廣發出去~謝謝~~
bewisecl 1   Sep-11-2013 - View Results
Expired Safety Management Systems priscilla_ps 21   Sep-04-2013 - View Results
Expired Dissertation priscilla_ps 1   Sep-04-2013 - View Results
Expired Parental anxiety over quality education
   I am a Secondary 5 student and conducting a study on parental anxiety over quality education and its impact on parenting style. For this study, I am doing a survey on parents’ plan for pre-school...
honwah 64   Aug-16-2013 - View Results
Expired A study on the phenomenon of studnets' plagiarism in Hong Kong
   Hi! I am a form six student from Heep Yunn School. The following questions are going to test, how well the Hong Kong students understanding on plagiarism. I would be appreciate if you can spend few...
wongoiwunsabrina 41   Aug-15-2013 - View Results
Expired Smartphone apps-commerce
   I am a student of Master of Business Administration in University of Wales. This is a research project and it will spend you 10 to 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire. You will be asked to co...
koo10140 16   Aug-10-2013 - View Results
Expired Mobile Apps shopping
   I am a student of Master of Business Administration in University of Wales. This is a research project and you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire. This questionnaire aims to research H...
koo10140 3   Aug-05-2013 - View Results
Questionnaire Case study - Dissertation
   You have 2:30 minutes to evaluate the performance of the manager described below. You have to rate the competences on a scale from 1 to 7, 1 meaning a very low performance and 7 meaning a very good...
erna7 17   Aug-01-2013 - View Results
Questionnaire AyudarEscritorio webgrade176 6   Jul-26-2013 - View Results
Expired Gender differences in conversational topics in synchronous online communication
   Dear all,

Hello. I am Phyllis Yeung, a Junior studying Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) at United International College.
I am now working on my Final Year Project on gender di...
phyllisymy 1   Jul-21-2013 - View Results
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