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Your View On Young Persons Railcards
Author: H YANG
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Dear participants:
This is a questionnaire survey designed to examine your view on the Young Persons Railcard (YPRC). Anyone who is either studying or working in the United Kingdom can participate. The questionnaire consists of very simple questions and it should take approximately 4 minutes to complete. Thanks you.
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1*    Do you CURRENTLY own a Young Persons Railcard (YPRC)? (please click the question-number-link given in the instruction below)
a. yes b. no
If your answer is 'a. yes ', please jump to question 4.
If your answer is 'b. no', please jump to question 2.
I don't currently own a YPRC.
2    Did you own any YPRC before?
a. yes b. no
If your answer is 'a. yes ', please jump to question 3.
If your answer is 'b. no', please jump to question 5.
I held Young Persons Railcard before.
3    Why did you stop the renewal of YPRC? (multi-selection)
a. I am no longer entitled to use YPRC because I am over 26 and I am not enrolled as a mature student
b. I travel too infrequently
c. I am using other Railcards or Railway Discount Cards (e.g. MetroCard, Family Railcards)
d. I rely on other methods for transportation (e.g. cars, buses, coach)
e. It is inconvenient for me to buy/renew YPRC
f.others (please specify) please specify:
4    How many Young Persons Railcard(s) have you held in the past?
a. I did NOT own any Young Persons Railcards before; this is my first one
b. Please specify: please specify:
5    Which of the following Railcard or Railway Discount Card do you currently own? (multi-selection)
a. No, I do NOT own any Railcards or Railway Discount Cards
b. Young Persons Railcard
c. Family Railcard
d. Network Railcard
e. Regional Railway Card (e.g. West Yorkshire MetroCard)
f. Others (please specify) please specify:
Your attitudes towards the YPRC and Railway Traveling
6*    How much do you know about the YPRC. (for LUBS fellow students: this question refers to your awareness of the Young Persons Railcard BEFORE you were given the IDM project brief). (multi-selection)
a. never heard of it
b. Anyone aged between 16-25, or a mature student, over the age of 26 and in full-time education can get a YPRC.
c. Your Young Persons Railcard will save you 1/3 on loads of tickets
d. At the present you can't buy your Railcard on-line
e. The cost of YPRC is 20 Pounds
f. There is a designated website for YPRC
g. There are some types of tickets that you caní»t use with your Young Person Railcard
7*    which one of the following best describes your general traveling needs.
a. For leisure purposes (e.g. tourism, visiting friends/families)
b. For profession-related reasons (e.g. transportation for schools and workplace, business visit)
How would YOU rate the following. (you are 1/3 through)
8*    Railway traveling is affordable
9*    Railway times/routes fit MY needs
10*    Bus/Private Cars/Coach traveling is more appealing to ME
11*    Train traveling is more comfortable
How would you rate the following when you come across the term 'traveling'?
12*    Relaxing
13*    Fun
14*    Experience
15*    Excitement
16*    Adventure/explore
17*    Trendy
Please rate the following which may influence your purchase decision of YPRC.
18*    The cost of buying/renewing (20 Pound Sterling)
19*    The convenience of buying/renewing
20*    Option to buy/renew YPRC on-line
21*    The frequency of train usage
22*    Cost of train travelling
23*    Traveling-related services (e.g. Travel & Hotel guide )
24*    More discounts for Young Persons Railcards holders (e.g. hotel discount, special offers)
25*    Improving train traveling quality (e.g. service, infrastructure)
Final section: something about you...
26*    Your ages is:
a. 16-19 b. 20-23 c. 24-25 d. 26-30
e. 31+
27*    Your gender is:
a. male b. female
28*    Your current profession is:
a. fulltime/part-time student
b. fulltime/part-time employee
c. self-employed
d. unemployed
e. other please specify:
29*    You are from
a. UK and Ireland
b. Europe (excluding UK and Ireland)
c. Middle East and West Asia (India, Pakistan etc.)
d. Far East (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc.)
e. South-East Asia (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia etc.)
f. North America (US and Canada)
g. Latin America (Mexico, Brazil etc.)
h. Oceania (Australia, New Zealand etc )
i. Africa
j. other please specify:
30*    Which one of the following best describes your Leave To Remain Status
a. I am a UK resident
b. I am an international student/worker who is/was planning to stay in the UK for 1 year or less than 1 year
c. ... for 3 years or less
d. ... for 5 years or less
e. ... for more than 5 years
31    How do you think about the actual value of owning a Young Persons Railcard?

Questions with '*' sign must be answered