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Television Viewing Habits


Information about Your Household
1    How many children do you have?
2    What age groups do your children fall into?
  1. 15-19
3    Are any of your children overweight?
4    How many television sets are in your home?
5    How many DVD players or VCR/VCP’s are in your home?
6    Where does your television service originate?
We have broadcast TV only. (no antenna)
7    Do any of your children have a television in their bedrooms?
  1. Yes, a teenager
TV Viewing Habits
8    Which answer best describes your attitude towards television?
  1. I feel that our television habits are out of control.
9    Describe your children’s television viewing time.
We do not limit our children’s viewing time, or they watch tv more than 3 hours a day.
10    Describe the television viewing time of the adults in your household.
We do not limit our viewing time, or we watch tv more than 3 hours a day.
11    Are you ready to make changes in your family’s tv habits?
We don’t need to make any changes.
12    If you concerned about commercials, what specifically concerns you?
  1. Sexual content
  2. Moral issues
  3. Effect on children
Statements and Final Comments
13    Mark any of the following statements which are true.
  1. My children watch whatever they want.
  2. I don’t know what my children are watching.
  3. I fight with my children over their television program choices.
  4. My children would watch TV all day if they were allowed.
  5. I watch TV with my children.
  6. My husband watches a lot of TV.
  7. There is conflict between my spouse and myself about the TV habits in our home.
  8. Someone in the house likes to watch the news.
  9. Someone in the house watches soap operas or day time talk shows.
  10. Someone in the house watches televised sports.
  11. Someone in the house watches prime time television.
  12. Someone in the house watches syndicated shows.
  13. I have at least 1 show that I never miss.
  14. We watch less TV on the weekends.
  15. The TV is usually on when we are eating meals.
  16. We use the TV for “background noise”.
14    Make any comments about television, your concerns, or any of the above questions. (maximum 200 characters)
15    Would you be willing to be email or telephone interviewed for a book on this subject? IF so, please give your name and email address.

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