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Up One Level Education  Paper
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Expired Questionnaire on Mobile Payment Application
   We are postgraduate student of E-Commerce and Logistics Technology in CUHK. This is a questionnaire about the popularity of mobile payment application.
allentkl 78   Oct-20-2014 - View Results
Expired The quality of tutorial centers and the satisfaction and loyalty of the students in Hong Kong
   I am a final year student studying in Marketing Management with Business Studies and I am now doing the Dissertation studies. I am conducting research on measure and evaluate the quality of tutoria...
misskellyc 271   Oct-11-2014 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire on Teaching English Speaking
   I understand the purpose of the questionnaire is to investigate teachers' beliefs about teaching spoken English, and I permit the use of my feedback for research and publications.
edwardyim01 13   Oct-04-2014 - View Results
Expired Academic Research
   This is academic research conducted by Dr. Victor Lau of the Department of Management. It is merely for academic purpose. Your response will NOT affect your performance at all, and your name and st...
freeridingproject 14   Sep-23-2014 - View Results
Expired Tutorial Class Evaluation
lmich222 13   Sep-13-2014 - View Results
Expired The effects of Facebook on adolescents interpersonal relationship
   I'm a Form 6 student who is researching the topic "The effects of Facebook on adolescents interpersonal relationship" for my IES. I hope you can spend some time answering my questions.
kanchi 2   Sep-11-2014 - View Results
Expired Bullying in Hong Kong
   Hello to everyone. Im a S6 student who is currently investigating the title Bullying in Hong Kong for my IES project. I hope you would spend some time in order to answer my questions.
ezreal 14   Sep-11-2014 - View Results
Expired IES: Japanese Softpower in Hong Kong
   Hello, Im a Form-5 Student currently in the middle of my IES prject and my topic is "Japanese Softpower in Hong Kong"
Japanese soft power comes in many forms like anime, manga, games, cosmetics ...
ikuto 38   Sep-02-2014 - View Results
Expired IES: Discrimination against LGBT
   Good day to you sir/madam,the following questions are for my IES entitled " Discrimination against LGBT .Thank you very much for spending your time doing my survey
lungmahanglimbu 31   Sep-01-2014 - View Results
Expired Discrimination against LGBT community
   Good day to you sir/madam, Im a student conducting a survey for my Independent enquiry studies for the topic Discrimination against LGBT community.Thank you very much for spending your time doing m...
lungmahanglimbu 1   Aug-31-2014 - View Results
Expired IES- Vocational schools versus Traditional grammar schools
   For this IES, I have chosen to explore the social views towards learning, through the comparison of career options of the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) Riding School and grammar schools.
jaylai 7   Aug-31-2014 - View Results
   Good day to you,I am conducting survey for my liberal studies independent enquiry studies
yo_mama 61   Aug-26-2014 - View Results
Expired IES : Reflect the psychological effects of accessing internet on teenagers personal development
   Hello. I am a F.5 student. I am conducting a survey for my independent Enquiry Study (IES) of Liberal Studies. It will take you 2-3 minutes to complete the following questions. All information will...
tiffanyuuuun7777 59   Aug-26-2014 - View Results
Expired A study of engaging private tutorial to enhance English performance of P.1 to P.6 students in HK suyikong 6   Aug-21-2014 - View Results
Expired A study of engaging private tutorial to enhance English performance of P.1 to P.6 students in HK suyikong 3   Aug-21-2014 - View Results
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