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Up One Level Education  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired facebook s0cila 9   Nov-26-2010 - View Results
Expired ELTU 1111
   English project
ningbass 61   Nov-26-2010 - View Results
Expired English input outside classroom
   This questionaire is for the study "English input outside classroom".
belindachan 10   Nov-26-2010 - View Results
Expired EDU plus guoguo557788 46   Nov-25-2010 - View Results
Expired EDU plus guoguo557788 1   Nov-25-2010 - View Results
Expired Marketing Methods of Tutorial schools in Hong Kong
   I am a F.5 student and is currently doing a research on:
How the marketing methods of tutorial schools are affect the pattern of Senior Secondary School students attending tutorial classes in th...
joanyao 90   Nov-24-2010 - View Results
Questionnaire Application for Semester-at-Sea Program Spring 2011
   -------- Application Deadline: December 31, 2010 (Fri) 12:00noon --------

Important Dates:

January 6, 2011 (Thu) - Announcement of shortlisted applicants by e-mail

January ...
oal 4   Nov-24-2010 - -
Expired Measure the success factors of Mega Events - An evaluation of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.
   Dear Participant,

My name is Colin Cheung. I am currently writing a research paper in order to fulfil the requirements for my Bachelor od International Business Degress in Hotel and Tourism ...
colin_214 29   Nov-23-2010 - View Results
Questionnaire Outgoing Student Exchange Questionnaire (2010-11)
Office of Academic Links
Outgoing Student Exchange Questionnaire (2010-11)

We are very interested in hearing what you think about your study abroad ...
oal 4   Nov-22-2010 - -
Expired NSS curriculum - preference of subjects
   This questionnaire is created to collect information about F.3 students' preference of subjects under the new education system -- NSS curriculum. I am a F.7 student and I need to collect data for m...
mekki 2   Nov-21-2010 - View Results
Expired How can Environmental Protection Design in Building Development Enhance Better Living Environment
   I am a researcher from the University of Greenwich and i am doing a research project called ' How can Environmental Protection Design in Building Development Enhance Better Living Environment? '. T...
ming715 7   Nov-20-2010 - View Results
Expired MMHI Class 4B G3 -- shopping
   (Jayz Tsang, Adie Ng, Hinson Lai, Eve Young, Taka Pang)
We are a group of student from SBI. We are doing a survey about shopping in Hong Kong. We would be grateful if you could do the questionna...
tsangkayan 5   Nov-18-2010 - View Results
Expired MMHI Class 4B G5 -- ABC Hotel F&B service
   [Cheung Kin Yi, Chio Shing Tak, Chung Lai Kuen, Man Ting Hei, Yau Chuk Kwan]
we are a group of students from class 4B. we are doing a survey about the F&B service of ABC hotel. We would be grate...
takb0821 17   Nov-18-2010 - View Results
Expired MMHI 4B G1 -- Travel Behaviour of Hong Kong Student
   Group member: Lau Luen Lai, Wong Ka Yu, Cheung Wan Kiu, Tam ka Man, Lei Seng Keong, Ip Chi Man
We are the group og student from Class 4B. We are now conducting a questionnaire survey to understa...
annalau101 15   Nov-18-2010 - View Results
Expired MMHI Class 4B G4 --
   We are a group of students from Class 4B. We are doing a survey about the restaurant of famous chain hotel.
yeliegg 7   Nov-18-2010 - View Results
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