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Up One Level Education  Paper
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Expired Small Class Teaching
   We want to know your opinion of Small Class Teaching . We also want to know about Small Class Teaching
qcarnold 2   Feb-06-2011 - View Results
Expired Questinnaire-Should sex education be compulsorily included into the school curriculum?
   Hi,I am a secondary five student from Holy Trinity College. I am currently working on a Liberal Studies IES project---¡¥Should sex education be compulsorily included into the school curriculum?¡¦. ...
tracychg 101   Feb-06-2011 - View Results
Expired How can the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) program affect children's lives in developing countries?
   I am a F.5 student from St. Paul's College. The questionnaire is used to acquire first-hand data from the general public for my IES.My IES project aims to explore the possible effects of the One L...
kingskira 77   Feb-05-2011 - View Results
Expired Is Tuition Trend among Secondary School Students in Hong Kong reflecting School
   I am a F. 5 student. This questionnaire, which targets on F. 4 ¡V F. 6 students, is to find out whether tuition trend in Hong Kong is reflecting school teacher ineffectiveness. The data collected w...
bonl1120 27   Feb-05-2011 - View Results
Expired Identifying Categories of Innovative Adopters
   My name is Patrick doing a postgraduate course at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. This survey is to identify the different categories of innovative adopters. The proxy of innovativeness in t...
patrick8 109   Feb-04-2011 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire on Sex Education ©Ê±Ğ¨|°İ¨÷
   Hello, I am a F.5 student, who is currently working on my Liberal Studies IES project. This questionnaire aims at investigating students' and parents' comments and expectation towards sex education...
lcychristy 102   Feb-03-2011 - View Results
Questionnaire Internal evaluation of Links: Leading Learning and Schools
   The purpose of this brief questionnaire about your professional network is for internal evaluation of Links: Leading Learning and Schools. Your responses will be used only to improve the quality of...
apclc 5   Feb-02-2011 - View Results
Expired Liberal Studies Independent Enquiry Study (IES) Questionnaire
   We’re two Secondary 3 students who are currently working on an LS Independent Enquiry Study research paper regarding education in Hong Kong. We would like to collect information on whether streamin...
rover21 3   Feb-01-2011 - View Results
Expired Relationship of customers¡¦ perception of Green Hotels and their behavioral intentions
   Hello! I¡¦m a student from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I am doing my Final Year Project (Graduation Dissertation) and conducting a survey about customer¡¦s perception of Green Hotels and beha...
annieyip39 31   Jan-31-2011 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire of attitudes towards Role-playing learning
   Being a teacher/ student, How is your attitude towards Role-play teaching/learning?
Can it help your teaching/ study?
hokyriver 23   Jan-30-2011 - View Results
Expired Allocation System
   Thank you for using our system and browsing the web site.
Please do not feel hesitate to give us any comments or suggestions.
We need your precious opinion for making improvement.
chantellechantelle 28   Jan-27-2011 - View Results
Questionnaire Dissertation Questionnaire
   I'm looking for people who are interested in filling in my dissertation questionnaire. It's about Mega Events and their imacts in relation to poverty reduction. I would love if some strong minded p...
helena88 1   Jan-26-2011 - View Results
Expired language
chandler_7 2   Jan-25-2011 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire on MSc in Sports Medicine and Health Science
   Please fill in the following questionnaire so that we can know your opinion about the couse. All your answers will be used for evaluation purpose only.
smhs2011 36   Jan-24-2011 - View Results
Expired School
   We are studing in what teenagers like and don't like. Your information is very useful, please fill in all the blanks, thank you! ^^
tt20041993 4   Jan-19-2011 - View Results
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