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Up One Level Education  Paper
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Expired Rozvoj písania pri výučbe anglického jazyka
   Ďakujem, že ste sa rozhodli venovať mi Váš drahocenný čas a prispieť k môjmu výskumu. Prosím, pokračujte na ďalšiu stránku.
mvrablova 11   Jun-15-2009 - View Results
Expired How to make a good grade
   Neesd to study Good english .
b9610005 11   Jun-11-2009 - View Results
   We would like to know your opinions about your year group. We would like to hear what you think we are doing right and what we could improve on. Please read each statement and tick the answer that ...
c_wood 223   Jun-10-2009 - View Results
Expired Y8 Computer Game Design course feedback wardjo 89   Jun-09-2009 - View Results
Expired Web Questioner on Dialog Survey
   Dear Participant,
This questioner is prepared as a part of the analysis carried out based on the Dialog Survey results on the “Authority”. Please spare 5 minutes to fill in the information. We w...
dialogsurvey 23   Jun-05-2009 - View Results
Expired Employer branding/CSR
   We are first year students taking the Human Resource Management course. We would be glad if you could sacrifice a few minutes of your time helping us.
ginvile 100   Jun-04-2009 - View Results
somyabhalotia 52   Jun-02-2009 - View Results
Expired Read and Gain - Form 3 Student Survey readngain 69   Jun-02-2009 - View Results
Expired Read and Gain - Form 2 Student Survey readngain 112   Jun-02-2009 - View Results
Expired Read & Gain - Form 1 Student Survey readngain 85   Jun-02-2009 - View Results
Expired PaintBall Arena in Bangalore

We are students of BMA pursuing our MBA final term and We are doing a survey on the interest of people adventurous sport (Paintball arena) and would appreciate to have your responses ...
akarunads 9   Jun-01-2009 - View Results
Expired Painball Arena In bangalore

We are students of BMA pursuing our final term of MBA and we are doing a survey on the interest of people adventurous sport (Paintball arena) and would appreciate to have your respons...
akarunads 12   Jun-01-2009 - View Results
Expired A study on consumer awarness and quality of 3G services provided by telecom operators in U.A.E
   Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a student of MAHE-Manipal Dubai Campus, conducting a Survey on “A study on consumer awareness and quality of 3G services provide...
djmonsi 62   May-31-2009 - View Results
Expired Webspace System Usability Survey
   Asia Pacific of Information & Technology (APIIT) University of Technology & Information (UCTI)
Webspace System Usability Survey
abcchin 6   May-30-2009 - View Results
Expired Beta English Assessment A johntan 6   May-29-2009 - View Results
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