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Up One Level Education  Paper
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Expired Questionnaire Survey on Kowledge management
   I am doing a research on teachers understanding and practice of knowledge management in our school. Please help to spare some time to finish the questionnaire. Your effort will be highly apprecia...
misscheng 13   Jul-02-2009 - View Results
Expired Využite prípadových štúdií v pedagogickom procese na Katedre medzinárodného obchodu
   Vážené kolegyne, kolegovia,

dovoľte mi požiadať Vás o spoluprácu pri vyplnení tohto dotazníka, kde sa Vás chcem spýtať na Váš názor a skúsenosti pri vyučovaní formou príp...
krajcik 8   Jun-29-2009 - View Results
Expired parle dharmendra644 3   Jun-27-2009 - View Results
Expired The Role of Quantity Surveyor in Public Civil Engineering Works of the Hong Kong SAR rivaldo10 34   Jun-27-2009 - View Results
Expired The marekting plan in IHTTI
   I am a current BA student studying in IHTTI, School of Hotel Management in Neuchatel, Switzerland. I am doing my dissertation in studying how the public relations plan affect on the IHTTI promotion...
loch300587 54   Jun-27-2009 - View Results
   Kepada Yth.
Bapak/Ibu/Sdr/Sdri Responden

Saya memahami sepenuhnya, bahwa waktu Bapak/Ibu/Saudara/I sangat terbatas dan berharga. Walaupun demikian, saya sangat mengharapkan kesed...
elisabeth 18   Jun-25-2009 - View Results
Expired Black Student League Peer Mentoring Program (PMP)
   Please complete this questionnaire so that you can be properly matched up with a mentor and/or mentee.
jasminen 2   Jun-24-2009 - View Results
Expired 恐怖主义 chi_project5 36   Jun-23-2009 - View Results
Expired IPW proj
   Please help to do
Our product is an alarm clock , that has special 'arms' which are able to wake you up by gently patting you . It does not stop patting you until you wake up and press the 'off'...
cherrykoh_24 5   Jun-22-2009 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire for the food manufacturing and service SME to select the most important SC measures giribramahcc 21   Jun-21-2009 - View Results
   Here is a questionnaire designed to check the effectiveness of branded fuels available in India.

The main aim of doing this survey is to know whether
Branded fuels are effective over ...
dev1405 4   Jun-19-2009 - View Results
Expired How is your affective filter?
   Mark under Yes or No to each question, based on your feelings
noecys 4   Jun-18-2009 - View Results
Expired Visualization Group - User Study on Perception
   In this experiment, we study the human's perception of semi-transparency in typical direct volume rendered images. Please answer the questions based on your first impression or perception on the im...
mychan09 20   Jun-17-2009 - View Results
Expired Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School - Choices of Services in 2009-2010 for the English Department readngain 59   Jun-17-2009 - View Results
Expired Stenden University Grand Tour
   Dear student,

At the moment we are doing research for the Executive Board of Stenden University on the quality and effectiveness of the Grand Tour Program.
We would realy appreciate your ...
grandtour 56   Jun-16-2009 - View Results
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