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Up One Level Education  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired LANGA343F Sociolinguistics Research szevictor 6   Mar-01-2010 - View Results
Expired Mobile Handset marketing research
   We are the students of Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Shatin). We are conducting a survey about mobile handset.
Please kindly answer the following questions.
ecomnokia 5   Mar-01-2010 - View Results
Expired Pengakuan pihak ketiga.
   untuk metpen ga lu2s polae
trie_111 3   Mar-01-2010 - View Results
Expired Pengakuan Pihak ke Tiga
   Pengaruh pengakuan pihak ketiga terhadap kepercayaan konsumen untuk berbelanja online.
trie_111 3   Mar-01-2010 - View Results
Expired Not Harry Potter nothing5824 25   Feb-28-2010 - View Results
Expired Harry Potter Fans nothing5824 27   Feb-28-2010 - View Results
Expired Harry Potter nothing5824 56   Feb-28-2010 - View Results
Expired Information Seeking Behaviour
   Slm to all..
I'm doing a research for my Masters Degree.
It is about how users seek for information via the internet.
syazh 21   Feb-28-2010 - View Results
Expired 環境保護(學生)
natedq 5   Feb-27-2010 - View Results
Expired O Nazismo
   Queriamos descobrir se as pessoas realmente sabem o que foi o Holocausto, por isso, fizemos este question嫫io. Aqui iremos p皾 algumas perguntas v嫫ias solu踥es de resposta para chegarmos ao nosso ...
alivlsbe 6   Feb-26-2010 - View Results
Expired Nokia ronaldosantos2006 3   Feb-26-2010 - View Results
Expired A critical analysis and evaluation of environmental strategy within Fairmont Hotel Beijing China
   I am student from the Swiss Hotel Management School jointed University of Derby. I am now conducting my dissertation which the topic is 'A critical analysis and evaluation of environmental strategy...
sunny8913 104   Feb-22-2010 - View Results
Expired jobs perference of young people
   Please take a few minutes to answer our questionnaire.
Circle one answer per question only. When a space is provided, write a full answer.
andrealam 58   Feb-22-2010 - View Results
Expired 潮流(The Trends)
   Research on consumer understanding – understanding the target , current “cool” trends, media usage, activities they enjoy, etc.
nothing5824 9   Feb-22-2010 - View Results
   Kepada responden yang terhormat
Saya adalah mahasiswa tingkat akhir Jurusan Teknik Industri, Universitas Katolik Parahyangan Bandung. Dalam rangka memperoleh data untuk menyusun Tugas Akhir, say...
xtiangoelt 58   Feb-22-2010 - View Results
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