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Up One Level Culture  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired Money and activities fanjackson 98   Oct-21-2004 - View Results
Expired Waiting at the entrance of a summer festival
   Hi. I'm a student Industrial Design Engineering from Delft. I need to create a product for the entrance queue at a big summer festival. It takes for about 5-10 minutes to complete. You'll be asked ...
jongmans 104   Oct-14-2004 - View Results
Expired 你愛看電視的"真人Show"節目嗎? Do you like TV reality shows?

We are student of the ...
appletin2004 166   Oct-02-2004 - View Results
Expired 青少年對名牌心態
tonytc 260   Oct-01-2004 - View Results
Expired African Dinner
   We are HD Catering management Year 2 students from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. As we are going to operate a dinner project, we would like to know more about your preference. Would you min...
africangala 94   Sep-20-2004 - View Results
Expired Job attitude/work expectation of Hong Kong People
   Hi! I am doing an academic project related to cross-cultural issues and one part of it involves understanding the job attitude/work expectation of Hong Kong people. Therefore, please kindly help me...
graceyu 100   Aug-17-2004 - View Results
Expired Project Work Survey (Below 21)
   We're a group of student from AJC. We're currently researching on the Increase in Negligence of Family by Working Adults for our Project Work. We hope that you would help us by giving your opinions...
et1987 109   Jun-19-2004 - View Results
Expired STTF's Issue #17 Survey: Summer 2004 Part I
   Welcome to yet another Surrender to the Flow survey, this time for our SEVENTEENTH issue! This survey shouldn't take much longer than five or ten minutes to complete, and results will be printed i...
surrender 758   Jun-01-2004 - View Results
Expired Propaga鋝 strategie MFF Karlovy Vary
   Ven pan, ven pane,

r墂a bych V嫥 p鷫dem pod骿ovala za ochotu vyplnit n嫳leduj獳 dotazn璭, kter je sou魨st m diplomov pr塶e na t幦a Srovn嫕 propaga鋝 strategie Mezin嫫odn璫...
lenicka 259   May-20-2004 - View Results
Expired Attitudes toward love kakaowen 437   Apr-03-2004 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire about Marriage
   We are Year 1 students from the program of Language Studies with Business in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. We are doing a survey on attitude towards marriage among teenagers. Our aim is to ...
aepii 135   Apr-02-2004 - View Results
Expired 本地青年人對香港日式拉麵之有關調查
   We are students of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and we are doing for a course term project about japanese popular culture. And here we prepared a questionnaire for investigating the populari...
tommywan1 88   Mar-30-2004 - View Results
Expired Enquete
   Vul deze vragen over je uigaansgewoonten zo serieus mogelijk in.
tyskow 116   Mar-30-2004 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire on Hong Kong People of their cultural identities
We are a group of students from HKIED. We would gather some information about your opinion of the cultural identities in Hong Kong. We hope that you can spare a few minutes to answer our...
cutemonkey 207   Mar-22-2004 - View Results
Expired Surrender to the Flow: Vegas Run 2004 Issue Survey
   Welcome to yet another Surrender to the Flow survey! These thirty seven questions shouldn't take you more than five or ten minutes to complete, and the results will be printed in our next issue, S...
surrender 589   Mar-18-2004 - View Results
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