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Up One Level Culture  Paper
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Expired OverTheTop.it
   Compila il tuo Curriculm in 4 rapidi passi e vedi quale posizione conquisti!!!
Il punteggio finale, sempre modificabile, tiene conto non solo dei tuoi studi, ma anche delle tue competenze, delle...
michele 1   Jun-13-2006 - View Results
Expired Survey on Hip Hop fans
   Hi, I am doing a survey on a group of Hip Hop fans for my MA dissertation. My topic is the development of Hip Hop culture in China. This questionnaire aims to find out why Chinese youth are fond of...
cheryl_q 6   Jun-08-2006 - View Results
Expired Social Influence on Musical Tastes
   In hope to discover if Social influence is a determining factor in one's musical likes/dislikes
surveygirls 38   Jun-06-2006 - View Results
Expired Why Furry?
   This is just a questionaire I devised to help me with a presentation I need to do for my Cultural Theory class. We have to do a presentation on a subculture and I chose the furry fandom. So, yay m...
bijouxdefoxxe 12   Jun-05-2006 - View Results
Expired Pesquisa de opini緌 - Ajude-nos a melhorar a sua balada respondendo seriamente as quest髊s! mreinsten 5   May-30-2006 - View Results
Expired Mashed-up with binge drinking
   This questionnaire is part of a masters research dissertation looking into the responsibility of corporations operating within the alcohol industry towards social issues. With your help this resear...
sibbers 125   May-23-2006 - View Results
Expired Your Favorite Movie Star cissycss 9   May-20-2006 - View Results
Expired say what you see
   this is to settle an argument. some people are stupid, some people are ill informed, some people are from leicester. this simple questionaire is designed to seperate the 'wheat from the chaff'.
dj_12 2   May-12-2006 - View Results
Expired Survey on Eating Potato Chips
   Potato chips has been around for 150 years. I am writing a paper on chips culture around the world. Some questions perhpas are too personal, but the result will reflect the real life situtation. Al...
lovepotatochips 172   May-12-2006 - View Results
Expired 你眼中的 女校生, 男校生, 男女校生
   我們是香港中文大學新亞書院的學生, 現正進行一項有關 女校生與男女校之女生 及 男校生與男女校之男生 於"性格"及"對男女在社會上應扮演之角色的看法"間所可能存在之差異的調查. 望閣下可抽空填妥以下之問卷, ...
acinorevs 99   May-08-2006 - View Results
Expired Perception of Suicide based on reasoning behind it
   Hey People I'm writing this questionnaire to see how different people view the act of suicide. I want to know if the motive behind it affects how a person sees the act or if age has something to do...
petz062285 14   May-02-2006 - View Results
Expired Activiating Sound and Meaning: The Role of Language Proficiency in Bilingual Consumer Environments
   We are a group of Lingnan University's undergraduates enrolling in a course entitled "Buyer Behaviour". We are analysing the validity of the findings of a research topic and carrying out the survey.
ronathan 84   Apr-29-2006 - View Results
Expired Cultural Aspects of Internet Privacy
   I am currently in my final year at university and the title of my dissertation is 'Cultural Aspects of Internet Privacy'. My project is to investigate the different cultural standpoints on internet...
catherinemaughan 157   Apr-17-2006 - View Results
Expired Subscriber Feedback
   Your feedback and suggestions will help us work more efficiently towards our mission of nature conservation and creating awareness.
nish 7   Apr-16-2006 - View Results
Expired Tourism Development Strategies of Shanghai
   I am the final year student of tourism development in the University of Sunderland in UK, and now I am doing the questionnaire part of the dissertation about tourism development strategies of Shang...
jolin_du 102   Apr-15-2006 - View Results
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