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Up One Level Culture  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired Cafe survey dore 22   Apr-30-2007 - View Results
Expired Survey about infringing intellectual property rights mcloryan 11   Apr-29-2007 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire About Tourists' Shopping Behaviour in Hong Kong
   Hi, I am a student studying in University of Derby. I am doing my dissertation at this moment, I want to find out what are the tourist's shopping behaviour between different countries and continent...
kracygal 19   Apr-25-2007 - View Results
Expired Survey into the market for foreign goods to be sold in the U.K
   This survey is aimed at International Students at Loughborough University. We would like to know if there are any goods from home that you miss in the U.K and wish that they were sold here. Our gro...
dani2909 7   Apr-24-2007 - View Results
Expired Evaluation Des Besoins En Matière De Voiles Islamiques
   Oukhti al mouslima, Assalamou 3aleykom.

Etude Hijab, souhaite réaliser une enquête visant à évaluer les besoins des Femmes Musulmanes, résidant en France, en matière de voiles islamiques.
etude_hijab 261   Apr-23-2007 - View Results
Expired MUDI – Música Digital
   Esta entrevista, realizada no âmbito da cadeira de Cibercultura, do curso de Novas Tecnologias da Comunicação, da Universidade de Aveiro, tem como objectivo estudar a importância da Internet para a...
catarina 33   Apr-21-2007 - View Results
Expired The Research of Foreigners¡¦ Participation of Festivals in Taiwan
   Dear participants,
I am a student of National Sun Yat-sen University, and I am doing research for my English composition class. This questionnaire aims to find out foreign people¡¦s opinions and...
andreaine 28   Apr-19-2007 - View Results
Expired New Magazine Concept - Readership Questionnaire
   Please complete the questionnaire as accurately as possible.
jenniferharvey 15   Apr-19-2007 - View Results
Expired Doing Business with the British
   I am a student studying in the University of Portsmouth currently doing a research project to check do you know how to do business with the British. I would be grateful if you could assist me by co...
jocelynleigh 27   Apr-16-2007 - View Results
Expired A short suvey about music
   We are a group of undergraduate stuent from the University of Texas of Austin. This survey is part of our project related to the music industry.
We will be grateful if you may sepnd 2 mins to c...
erictang1107 46   Apr-13-2007 - View Results
Expired A short suvey about music
   Hi all, we are a group of students from the University of Texas conducting a survey related to music. It will take no more than 2 mins to complete it. All are welcomed to join us!
erictang1107 4   Apr-13-2007 - View Results
Expired abreviaciones y sms
   El cuestionario tiene pocas preguntas: te pedimos que contestes a todas. Tus datos personales serán utilizados exclusivamente para analizar los resultados de la encuesta.
unive 19   Apr-13-2007 - View Results
Expired Battle of the Dens 2007 - Threads of Time
   Welcome to the BotD 2007 pre-registration survey. Filling this out allows us to create a better event for you and earn yourself a chance to win a prize.
rowanwf 54   Apr-10-2007 - View Results
Expired Survey: Use of Facebook
   The purpose of this survey is to examine teenagers’ use of and perceptions of Facebook. If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Decker at rd225624@arbor.edu. Your responses will remain ano...
com506 88   Apr-10-2007 - View Results
Expired Survey on Piercing
   We are F.6 students from St Clare`s Girls` School and we are doing a research on the topic of piercing, which aims at finding out the public¡¦s views about piercing.
Please complete the followin...
ehjkl 125   Apr-10-2007 - View Results
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