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Up One Level Culture  Paper
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Expired General attitude towards the use of Facebook
   Facebook is used by many internet users, in this new trend, I would like to examine the what, why, how, who, when of facebook-ing
francooo 11   Nov-17-2008 - View Results
Expired How do you celebrate "Hong Kong's" festivals cheung_chui_yee 10   Nov-15-2008 - View Results
Expired Hong Kong's Food Culture
   Hi everyone. Since I am doing a I.T. project... I would like to gather some information regarding the topic "Hong Kong's Food Culture". Hope you don't mind in spending a few minutes in helping me t...
oy_annieyuen 108   Nov-13-2008 - View Results
Expired Beta-Testing of "Technology Made Easy for Teachers" Web Site
bushrafaisal 4   Nov-13-2008 - View Results
Expired Special festivals in Hong Kong oto899 5   Nov-12-2008 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire on Multilingualism
   Dear participants,

I am Celine, a Form Six student from St. Mary's Canossian College. I am doing a research on the multilingualism (particularly in Hong Kong or other Chinese speaking region...
s031401 326   Nov-11-2008 - View Results
Expired Festivals in Hong Kong kalakara 34   Nov-10-2008 - View Results
Expired Halloween in HK huen_917 20   Nov-06-2008 - View Results
Expired Christmas in Hong Kong
   This survey is to collect oppinion concerning Christmas in Hong Kong from different people.
lee08031819 53   Nov-05-2008 - View Results
Expired Celebrating Halloween
   The purpose of this survey is to find out how differnt cultures celebrate Halloween.
smartfion 10   Nov-05-2008 - View Results
Expired Festivals in Hong Kong s08026394 11   Nov-05-2008 - View Results
Expired Festival in Hong Kong samuel_violin 69   Nov-04-2008 - View Results
Expired 城市行銷測試版問卷
geographical03 6   Nov-04-2008 - View Results
Expired Magyar J饘鰈廧
   Tisztelt H闤gyem/Uram!
Ezton k廨em, legyen sz癉es n嶭嫕y percet 嫮dozni e k廨d罍v kit闤t廥廨e. A k廨d罍v kit闤t廥e 霵k幯tes, n憝telenl t顤t幯ik, anyagi vonzata azonban nincs. Az adatokat bizal...
kritta 5   Nov-04-2008 - View Results
Expired Festival and cultural charlestcl 32   Nov-04-2008 - View Results
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