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Up One Level Culture  Paper
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Expired Reasons for teenagers becoming otaku in HK and its impacts
   I am Yoyo Kwan from Sacred Heart Canossian College. The purpose of the survey is to understand more about otaku in Hong Kong so as to study about reasons for teenagers becoming otaku and its impact...
yoyokwan97 3   Feb-01-2014 - View Results
Expired Safty issue concerning women in India
   We are doing a project for an american company to provide safety system for female employees in India. Please take a few minutes to finish this survey.
innovationdesign 9   Nov-17-2013 - View Results
Expired How do male look at female who work on site
   I am a Postgraduate student in HKU Space. This research is going to study how male views on female who work on site. Please spare a few minutes to complete this questionnaire.
All the informatio...
happypat2013 3   Nov-17-2013 - View Results
Expired Lingnan Studentís attitude towards preservation of Country Park jennylam19 24   Nov-01-2013 - View Results
Questionnaire System Administrator webgrade6522 3   Oct-18-2013 - View Results
Expired 「筆」
designforfuture 82   Oct-06-2013 - View Results
Questionnaire VISA verifiedvisa457 0   Sep-30-2013 - -
Expired Evaluate the impacts of Korean Pop Music towards Hong Kong Teenagers and Hong Kong industries
   Hello, I am Li Hong Yu Carmen, a Form 5 student from Po Leung Kuk Celine Ho Yam Tong College. I am working on the Independent Enquiry Study of Liberal Studies.
This enquiry is aim to analy...
carbix06_l 114   Aug-01-2013 - View Results
Expired Description kess12 7   Jul-03-2013 - View Results
Expired Login Information learnm33 2   Jun-17-2013 - View Results
Expired Input Data blast23 7   Jun-17-2013 - View Results
Expired Admin Center learn23 2   Jun-14-2013 - View Results
Expired Survey Account feature12 3   Jun-06-2013 - View Results
Expired Central Logins house23 1   Jun-05-2013 - View Results
Expired Same sex love in Hong Kong 香港的同性戀文化
   Hello! We are the students from PolyU-Hong Kong Community College. We are currently doing a project on the same sex love in Hong Kong. And I am looking for your help. Please spare 5-10 minutes to f...
sinyi_7001 118   May-01-2013 - View Results
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