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Up One Level Computer & Internet  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired Research on Facebook
   Can Facebook be used as a tool for education?
cannislee 34   Apr-19-2010 - View Results
Expired Netbook Comparison
   Market Study
banielhappy 124   Apr-18-2010 - View Results
Expired Kwestionariusz dotycz±cy opinii klientów na temat telewizorów 3D
   Kwestionariusz ten ma na celu poznanie opinii potencjalnych klientów na temat nowego produktu - telewizrów 3D
oskarus202 6   Apr-16-2010 - View Results
Expired Security Quesstionaire
   Welcome to the Privacy For You Questionnaire! These questions were taken from the PC Security Test app, found at pc-st.com
matthewrohaly 4   Apr-15-2010 - View Results
Expired Estimation Matrix Questions amitdubey 4   Apr-14-2010 - View Results
Expired Blogs and teenagers in Hong Kong
   We are students from TWGH Wong Fut Nam College. We are doing a project about the problems between blogs and teenagers in Hong Kong. Hope you will do this questionnaire and enjoy!
lhkm1997 70   Apr-12-2010 - View Results
Expired photo sharing manchesterchan 57   Apr-12-2010 - View Results
Expired Teenagers' view on going online karina2009 4   Apr-09-2010 - View Results
Expired Relation between Internet Addiction Disorder(IAD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) nakul_b 118   Apr-08-2010 - View Results
Expired Teenagers' view on use of computers
   I am a Form 2 student conducting a questionnaire to find out teenagers' views on use of computers. All answers would be kept confidential for research work only. Thank you in advance!
dgs2010_35 55   Apr-06-2010 - View Results
Expired Human Flesh Search
   I am a Form 3 students conducting a research on how Human Flesh Search affects our life. All data collected are promised to be kept private and would only be used for research purpose. Please kindl...
sushi_lover 28   Apr-06-2010 - View Results
Expired An Investigation of users’ negative perceptions regarding online security in e-commerce in South Afr
   I am a student at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal and I am currently researching users’ views associated with online security in e-commerce.
- The reason I am undertaking this research is to i...
zb662000 4   Apr-04-2010 - View Results
Expired Social media in Knowledge Management
   This questionnaire is used for investigating how different social media like Blog, Wiki, Facebook, Twitter, Email etc. is used in Knowledge Management.
tingan 8   Apr-04-2010 - View Results
Expired Opinion Survey on the anti-virus software
   as we need to research into the demands and habits of IVE students in terms of using anti-virus software, you are requested to complete the following questionnaire
terence23 48   Apr-02-2010 - View Results
Expired Fashion Online retailing
   This survey is design to understand shoppers’ behavior through online shopping and multi-channel shopping compare with the previous years.
kelseykuo 7   Mar-31-2010 - View Results
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