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Up One Level Computer & Internet  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired Questionnaire of Computer
   Welcome! We are students from Caritas Institute of Higher Education. We are studying year 3 of high diploma.
Now, we are doing a project about computer. We need to gather your opinion for more i...
nison_lau 4   Jul-30-2014 - View Results
Expired Student's feedback from my e-learning website
   Hi guys, this is my ICT SBA, please browse my website (http://www.s5ictsba.net63.net/) and then after browsing please complete these 10 questions here
delia_bwict 3   Jul-18-2014 - View Results
Expired Liao Chi Shing BA124002/1B eBus liaochishing 5   May-21-2014 - View Results
Expired Chan Ka Long BA124002 eBus ccindychan 3   May-21-2014 - View Results
Expired Wong Lai Man Ba124002 ebsu maviswong89 2   May-21-2014 - View Results
Expired So Chi Ho Ba124002/1B EBUS baby19931203 4   May-21-2014 - View Results
Expired Kwok Wai Keung Kenny BA124002 eBus kennykwk2010 5   May-21-2014 - View Results
Expired The Research of Teenagers Using Smatphone Cases
   We are students from Community Collage of City University and we want to create a new smartphone case in the future. As teenagers using smartphone is very common, we also want to find out the desig...
chi1995125 28   Apr-06-2014 - View Results
Expired The impulse buying behavior of extreme users of internet undergoing ego depletion
   People are frequently exposed to pressure nowadays say busy working and taking examination. After going through these hard conditions, people may likely to make consumption as a compensation. The e...
cynthia730 115   Mar-28-2014 - View Results
Expired Survey on Skype software
   We are a group of students of Hong Kong Shue Yan University. We would like to invite you to participate in our research study. This questionnaire should take about 5 minutes to complete.

shueyan133214 336   Mar-22-2014 - View Results
Expired Chow On Lai Annie 25909F ECIP beryillium 3   Mar-06-2014 - View Results
Expired Lam Lai Foon Ceci 25909F ECIP bg255 2   Feb-20-2014 - View Results
Expired Chan Chun Wah Ivan 25909F ivanchan0224 1   Feb-20-2014 - View Results
Expired Lau Pui Lun 25909F laujay 2   Feb-20-2014 - View Results
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