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Up One Level Computer & Internet  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired Perfectionism and personality factor pati 276   Oct-19-2007 - View Results
Expired Surveying on a computer that pre-installed with two different types of Operating System (OS). fondcr 55   Oct-17-2007 - View Results
Expired How much do you know about piracy?
   This is a survey in search of the opinions of individuals on how much they understand the effects of piracy and how it affects our society and community. Thank you for your participation.
yankai 96   Oct-16-2007 - View Results
Expired MsnToBuy Questionnaire(1)
我们将对每一位参加本调查的客户赠送$20 现金卷,在2007年10月25日前,在我们网站的任何订...
sam020 2   Oct-16-2007 - View Results
Expired Purchase of Cumsumer Durables (ACs and Refrigerators)
   We are conducting a survey on purchase of consumer durables (air conditioner and refrigerator) by end consumers and want to include your opinion on the subject matter. This exercise is being conduc...
pankajnagpal 2   Oct-15-2007 - View Results
Expired giving away items ^^ lorenxss 4   Oct-13-2007 - View Results
Expired Video Game Questionnaire indy89 24   Oct-12-2007 - View Results
Expired Adocao de Extreme Programming (XP) por Comunidades Desenvolvedoras de Software Livre
   Programacao eXtrema (XP), e uma metodologia agil para equipes pequenas e medias e que irao desenvolver software com requisitos vagos e em constante mudanca. Para isso, adota a estrategia de constan...
guerreiro 58   Oct-12-2007 - View Results
Expired my first Q
   hi there
ariskk 4   Oct-10-2007 - View Results
Expired World of Warcraft: Finding a link between personality type and online social behavior
   This questionnaire is for players of World of Warcraft only (MMORPG)
smithga07 104   Oct-10-2007 - View Results
   TESTING Q ^^"
kklai11 5   Oct-10-2007 - View Results
Expired 费裙さ葬判灸翟∶昧∫么仪轨馑糯淇澎⑼Ъ匍悛楹迷∫煤缘吠渺嗝沟
   岷菏秃兑凉臻ㄑ捶英珠灌咀柰褂㈤土倥氛桎撮浠悛殂埂颐酚猡莽∫绵┚倚贺い (Independent Study) 瑙嗷绻疏枪斯骤Б艇∫萌帧梢愎眯囱夯迷意 室⒁窃∫猫汛∫绵筏夤馀抡室檬灌啡崤小颐首柰室 こ星苑乱纫实渺 ...
chetsada29 686   Oct-10-2007 - View Results
Expired Online Gaming and its Effects on Out-of-Game Social Life
   Thank you for taking the time to fill out this short survey. The questions below are intended to research how people view their in-game social as compared to their out-of-game social life, and seek...
sldashow 6   Oct-09-2007 - View Results
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