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Up One Level Computer & Internet  Paper
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Expired 2008-09 CIT Coursework: Module D - A Social Networking Website for Alumni
   My task is to create a social networking website for my school's alumni. This questionnaire is designed to collect opinions on the design and practicability of the website for further improvement o...
janice_hee 10   Jan-06-2009 - View Results
Expired Animation Project Questionnaire
   We are going to produce an animation of 5-10 mins for our final year project, plx fill this questionnaire to let us know what topics you are interested in computer graphics.
yan_804 37   Jan-06-2009 - View Results
Expired 2009CIT Networking Project ( social Network web site) tlmshk5b11 22   Jan-06-2009 - View Results
Expired CIT Project
   I am Wong Yee Man of F.5A from valtorta college.Now I have just finished my social networking website for our school alumni. Please give me some opinion of my website.
yeeman1204 25   Jan-05-2009 - View Results
Expired CIT coursework evaluation
   Please kindly answer the questions in this questionaire and don't hesitate to leave any comments. Your ideas can help to improve the website.
citcourseworktest 8   Jan-04-2009 - View Results
Expired HabboCreditsAndFurniture habbounlimetedcredits 8   Jan-04-2009 - View Results
Expired 2009 CIT Module A Coursework (M.C. Analysis) -- Yvonne Cheung
   I am a CIT student currently studying Moudule A. Please try to run my program and express your opinions
teddy1234 65   Jan-04-2009 - View Results
Expired 2009 CIT Module D Coursework (Social Networking Web Site)
   I need your help. Would you mind sparing a minute to help me fill in this questionnaire? Thank you so much=]
lydialydia 18   Jan-04-2009 - View Results
Expired 2008 CIT Module D Cousework (Social Networking Wed Site)
   Please go to my web site and have a look!
melodymak0601 12   Jan-03-2009 - View Results
Expired 2008-2009 M.C. Anlaysis Program
   I'm a student currently studying Module A.Please help me to finish this survey.
crystal0626 22   Jan-03-2009 - View Results
   need gaia gold or a item duplicated? well after two days of work, I found a new glitch on the gaiaonline site that suprisingly passed by and i wasnt banned! you must have the item you want duplicat...
martinsloss 9   Jan-03-2009 - View Results
Expired Socal Networking Website
   Recently I am doing a project on creating a website which aims to facilitate communication between alumni and help them stay in touch with each other. It is anticipated that some feedbacks can be c...
cheungshukping 12   Jan-01-2009 - View Results
Expired 2009 CIT Module D Coursework (Social Networking Web Site)
   I need your help. Would you mind sparing a minute to help me fill in this questionnaire? Thank you so much=]
lydialydia 15   Jan-01-2009 - View Results
Expired 2008 CIT modual D SBA Survey
   I am working hard in my SBA,
Please spend a few minutes to fill in this form,
Thanks for your kindly help.
My web:http://ftp.tlmshk.edu.hk/~f4b42
joanne_0428 12   Jan-01-2009 - View Results
Expired 2008-2009 CIT Module D Coursework (Social Networking Web Site) rs45690 13   Jan-01-2009 - View Results
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