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Up One Level Business & Economy  Paper
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Expired Teenagers' perception on Sportswear brand
   We are students from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. We are currently doing a marketing survey to understand the perception of teenagers in Hong Kong on Sportswear brand.
pandj968 27   Apr-16-2011 - View Results
Expired 中國健身中心市場調查
fitnesscentre 107   Apr-14-2011 - View Results
Expired 中國健身中心市場調查
fitnesscentre 31   Apr-14-2011 - View Results
Expired How much people spends on hair colorant
   Hi, i am Candy Chan. I am doing a project about colorant marketing. Please help me to finish this survey.
candy_chan 98   Apr-14-2011 - View Results
Expired Investigate the effectiveness of events in babies' milk powder promotion in Hong Kong
   Thanks for all of your help!!!
samisy 27   Apr-13-2011 - View Results
Expired 中国健身中心市场调查
fitnesscentre 20   Apr-12-2011 - View Results
Expired 中国健身中心市场调查
fitnesscentre 8   Apr-12-2011 - View Results
Expired Integration system and IMS performance evaluate
   I am student who is studying in the BSc (Hons) Business Information systems of Leeds Metropolitan. This survey is investigated about users opinions about IMSs performance and possibility of i...
aw1112 2   Apr-12-2011 - View Results
Expired S.O.S. Kit
   Introducing the S.O.S. Kit, a small portable kit packed with your daily necessities that you can take with you or purchase whenever you need it if you staying at your friends place, going camping o...
catherinechk 11   Apr-12-2011 - View Results
Expired The Customer Quality Service Survey of Haagen-Dazs in HK
   This survey asks you about how well Haagen-Dazs in HK serves customers. If you think the company does much worse than expected select 1. If the company does much better than expected select 5. If y...
z_o_o_m 13   Apr-10-2011 - View Results
Expired Ladies intimate apparel buying behavior in Hong Kong
   My company planned to launch new product to Hong Kong market. This survey is to collect data regarding to Bra buying behavior of HK ladies
gryphon0888 265   Apr-09-2011 - View Results
Expired Customer satisfaction of major Insurance Company in Hong Kong
   To find out Customer needs and satisfaction when purchase insurance policy, chose suitable marketing stragey to enhance competitive advantage.
jessicaliyl23 3   Apr-09-2011 - View Results
Expired URGENT**Facebook Research (面書面面觀)
We are JUBLAW, a group of HKU business students working on a Marketing project developing new Fa...
sowaikwansophia 298   Apr-09-2011 - View Results
Expired Survey on Cathay Pacific
   We are a group of CUHK students conducting a research on the marketing strategies of airlines. We sincerely hope that you can spare a few minutes to finish this questionnaire. Thank you.
mktg2010r 60   Apr-07-2011 - View Results
Expired Tourist visiting Hong Kong kimieau 2   Apr-07-2011 - View Results
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