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Up One Level Business & Economy  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired research about steel industry
   i am going to conduct a research about the growth and expansion strategies of Indian steel industry
manu26 3   Sep-28-2011 - View Results
Expired The Usefulness of Sustainability Report in Hong Kong
   To collect the outsiders' opinion of Sustainability Report in Hong Kong and find out whether it is useful for the users of the report.
yingfwong4 39   Sep-26-2011 - View Results
Expired Questionnaires of environmental protection / green building issues
   This is the survey for the purpose of dissertation of mba, kindly fill up the questionnaires accordingly.
gloriakkcm 34   Sep-24-2011 - View Results
Expired Passengers attitude toward MTR
   I am now conducting a survey in respect of MTR Corporation Limited in Hong Kong. Please answer the following question according to your past experience. Any data collected will only be used for thi...
fionayip118 5   Sep-16-2011 - View Results
Expired Islamic banking and financial services
   Dear Respondent,
I am conducting an academic research on whether or not the Islamic banking and financial services are suitable and attractive for both Muslims and non-Muslims, and the customer ...
bobong227 30   Sep-14-2011 - View Results
Expired Cookies Questionnaire
   I would like to gather information of setting and running a cookie shop in Hong Kong and which is only for my dissertation purpose
gingerlam 48   Sep-09-2011 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire about Payment Satisfaction
   Answer questions 1 to 12 by choosing number from 1 to 5 which represents:
1= Strongly Disagree
2= Moderately Disagree
3= Neither Agree nor Disagree
4= Moderately Agree
5= Strongly...
carrie_0304 5   Sep-07-2011 - View Results
Expired Online Shopping mingyin2488 6   Sep-05-2011 - View Results
Expired How economic changes affecting your consuming behavior
   plz kindly answer the questions
april2000 24   Sep-04-2011 - View Results
Expired An evaluation of knowledge management practices in indian corporate sector
   Questionnaire foe chief executive
lokeshgautam 7   Sep-03-2011 - View Results
Expired Is productivity affected when employees are given unlimited internet access?
   We are students form the University of Adelaide, and we are currently doing a project of organisational behavior which have to find out whether the productivity affected by the internet speed and q...
a1203474 32   Aug-30-2011 - View Results
Expired Impact of Transformational Leadership and Empowerment on Employee Job Stress uowmbadannylam 5   Aug-30-2011 - View Results
Expired Impact of knowledge management to the organizational performance
   As our company grows, changes and faces new challenges, we recognize the importance of managing knowledge within the organization. This research is aimed to analysis the relationship between knowl...
ronicaluk 68   Aug-22-2011 - View Results
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