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Up One Level Business & Economy  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired Econ1003 project
   Survey on the Relationship between Family Income and Spending Pattern & Academic Priority of HKU Students
alfredcindy 5   Apr-16-2012 - View Results
Expired ECON1003 Survey
   Hi. Dr Xu welcomes you. His students are conducting a research project on investment behavior. Please kindly spend a few minutes and fill in this questionnaire. Dr Xu and his students will apprecia...
econ1003gp8 74   Apr-14-2012 - View Results
Expired 759 Store
   We are Year Two Marketing students from Community College of City University. We are now doing an Electronic Customer Relationship Management report of loyalty program of 759 Store. We need to coll...
jacy1104 33   Apr-10-2012 - View Results
Expired online buyer behaviour in automobile industry in india
   this survey is to make an indepth analysis of online consumers and their attitude towards the website of some of the leading automobile manufacturers in india
rajforresearch 7   Apr-10-2012 - View Results
Expired Marketing Strategy of Apple
   I’m a master student of University of Hertfordshire, this is an academic questionnaire for my dissertation, and the main purpose is to understand the influence about the marketing strategy to produ...
tommy88hk 47   Apr-04-2012 - View Results
Expired The Future Development of Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTR)
   We are the students of Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Kwun Tong).
We would like to conduct a survey regarding the future development of MTR.
mtrproject 126   Apr-04-2012 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire About The Body Shop
   Thank you for taking the time to fill in my questionnaire!!
The purpose of my research is to assess your knowledge and opinion of The Body Shop.
Your participation is greatly appreciated and ...
crystalcheung325 115   Apr-01-2012 - View Results
Questionnaire of The Body Shop
   Thank you for taking the time to fill in my questionnaire!!
The purpose of my research is to assess your knowledge and opinion of The Body Shop.
Your participation is greatly appreciated and ...
crystalcheung325 83   Mar-27-2012 - View Results
   I conduct a study on the impact of TaoBao.com in China and Hong Kong. As you may be aware, online shopping sites can allow us to enjoy convenience and cheap purchasing. I would be very grateful if ...
henve 32   Mar-26-2012 - View Results
Expired Consumer Purchasing Behavior toward Apple Inc.
   We are The Open University of Hong Kong students who are conducting an academic research on your purchasing behavior toward Media Devices. The questionnaire survey is to solicit your personal view ...
kathywong1213 132   Mar-25-2012 - View Results
Expired Analisis de Mercado - Restaurante
   Por favor responder a las siguientes preguntas.
La información dada es confidencial y exclusiva para usos académicos
luferva 45   Mar-25-2012 - View Results
Expired Cuestionario Compras Online
   Por favor responda las siguientes preguntas.
glaca28 52   Mar-24-2012 - View Results
Expired Implementation of Green Procurement to Contribute the Sustainable Environment
Please help to finish this questionniare.
fyp25988f 43   Mar-23-2012 - View Results
Expired Survey on smart phone user and NOKIA
   Good day, we are student of City University of Hong Kong and would like to collect some information about your preference on smart phone and your opinion on NOKIA products and promotion.
edwardmini 15   Mar-21-2012 - View Results
Expired online car buyers survey
   e-commerce in automobile sector
rajresearch 6   Mar-20-2012 - View Results
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