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Up One Level Business & Economy  Paper
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Expired Survey on Customer Charateristics of Parents
   I am a final year student of HD in Fashion Design and Design and Product Development at Hong Kong Design Institute and researching the customer characteristics of Hong Kong parents. And as part of ...
tia513 32   Nov-08-2010 - View Results
Expired Wai Yuen Tong & You
   Marketing Project
Please kindly fill in the survey THANK YOU!
yankeecheung 97   Nov-08-2010 - View Results
Expired image design
   Hi, we are Associate Degree Scheme in Business¡¦s student. We are conducting a survey of image design, and need your kind participation. Please use few minute to finish the questionnaire. Survey re...
kwan0225 107   Nov-07-2010 - View Results
Expired Investment behavioural analysis ssw_stella 12   Nov-07-2010 - View Results
Expired Polling seamusssz 73   Nov-07-2010 - View Results
Expired Hong Kong Tour Planning Expert
   Welcome to the Hong Kong Tourism Board!
This is an integrated system for planning your holiday in HK.
Please key in your prefernences in the guided system.
Afterwards, a tour plan will be...
aisproject2010 6   Nov-06-2010 - View Results
Expired Tour Guide Hong Kong
   Welcome to the Hong Kong Toursim Board!
This is an integrated system for planning your holiday in HK.
Please key in your prefernences in the guided system.
Afterwards, a tour plan will be...
aisproject2010 3   Nov-06-2010 - View Results
Expired Loyalty level of HSBC cardholders
   We are postgraduate students from the City University of Hong Kong. Currently, we are conducting a survey in
order to determine the level of loyalty of HSBC cardholders, and understand ...
slerby 4   Nov-06-2010 - View Results
Expired Customer Loyalty Survey - Paid TV Services
   Thank you for your participation.

We are currently conducting the Paid TV Market Sizing Survey. Your opinions are very important to us as the result would provide us with insightful informat...
stephenchongch 27   Nov-05-2010 - View Results
Expired Tour Guide Hong Kong
   This is an expert system for planning your holiday in Hong Kong.
aisproject2010 2   Nov-05-2010 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire on Hong Kong tax system and its impacts to local business environment
   Hong Kong tax system is well-known for its simplicity and low tax rates which enable Hong Kong to provide a favourable business environment for investors and thus developed rapidly in recent decade...
kan0604 74   Nov-05-2010 - View Results
Expired A study of Present and Future Marketing Strategy of H&M
   We are a group of students from the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. We are doing a project about H&M and would like to understand better the consumer behavior. It would be really grateful if y...
agnes_ns11 59   Nov-05-2010 - View Results
Expired Explore CSR Practice and its impact on dairy industry for motivate China's CSR development
   Hello, I am BA (HONS) in accounting final year student of Edinburgh Napier University. This survey is designed for academic research, and aim to promote China enterprise to perform better CSR throu...
amy88126 125   Nov-04-2010 - View Results
Expired About Wine (Hong Kong Region)
   This survey is going to investigate on the wine purchasing habits and preferences.
(Please help us to take this survey if you are staying in Hong Kong.)
wisurvery 32   Nov-04-2010 - View Results
Expired Frozen food in Baltic countries
   This survey should provide information about consumer behaviour in baltic countries and their attitude towards frozen food.
wladis 4   Nov-04-2010 - View Results
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