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Questionnaire The Dinner Company Registration Form (2)
   We are currently building our website, so in the meantime have arranged this online registration form. Please fill this in and forward it to anyone you would like to bring along or any friends that...
dinnercompany 14   Jan-27-2004 - -
Questionnaire The Dinner Company Registration Form dinnercompany 11   Jan-20-2004 - -
Expired Undian Carta Pilihan Utama Nasyid
   Undilah 5 lagu pilihan anda untuk menentukan kedudukan dalam Carta Pilihan Utama Nasyid IKIM.FM.
djrizal2 1043   Jan-18-2004 - View Results
Expired Mobile Phone Buying Behaviour Survey

We are a group of 3 students at IIM Calcutta trying to assess the general Indian market condition of and the consumer perception about Mobile Communication Services and handset equipment....
aprashant 100   Jan-17-2004 - View Results
Expired Questionnarie On NET TV
   We are 4 engineering students from CUHK. We are developing a project called Net TV. It is a PC software that people can watch TV online. There are several stations available for users to choose. We...
victorluk 117   Jan-09-2004 - View Results
Questionnaire Dinner Company Market Research (Business Travellers)
   Dinner Company Market Research survey

Away from friends and family foreign cities can be lonely places for business travellers, who often have little choice but to eat out alone. However, st...
dinnercompany 131   Jan-08-2004 - -
Questionnaire Dinner Company Market Research (Residential Londoners)
   Dinner Company Market Research Survey

Many of us find that we now have a static circle of friends from university and work and that the opportunity to make new friends seems to have diminish...
dinnercompany 221   Jan-08-2004 - -
Questionnaire Mode- und Accessoiredesign in Zrich
   Dieser Fragebogen wird ausschliesslich als Grundlage fr eine wissenschaftliche Studie benutzt. Es werden keine Daten fr weitere Zwecke verwendet oder an Dritte weitergeleitet. M鄚nliche Formulier...
modedesign 11   Dec-30-2003 - -
Expired LAW & SOCIETY 問卷調查
   阻你兩分鐘 , 幫我做一做佢, 用來做term paper 的 , 謝謝 ! ^_^
quoll 113   Dec-16-2003 - View Results
Expired The Football Gambling spacemathsyr1 536   Dec-14-2003 - View Results
Expired Advertising Questionnaire
   The Survey is constructed for understanding the brand positioning of Swatch, especially steel watch. Further, we can know the standard of a popular watch brand that the consumers need.
graffiti 152   Dec-11-2003 - View Results
Expired A study of car interiors
   I am currently carrying out a research project for my final year of Transport Design at University. Please could you spare 5 minutes of your time to fill out this questionnaire.....your help is gr...
defoe9 154   Dec-06-2003 - View Results
Expired Attitude of University Students towards learning other languages
   Hello everyone~! I am a undergraduate student in University of Bath. I am currently researching the attitude of University students towards learning other languages apart from their first language....
flora1010 112   Dec-02-2003 - View Results
Expired 食療的成效
   你好,本人是香港中文大學新聞與傳播學院的一年級學生,現在正進行一項關於香港人對食療的看法調查,希望大家盡量完成問卷,如有任何問題可於ICQ向本人查詢。(50070480 - 阿芬)
smallfun 85   Nov-29-2003 - View Results
Expired Tutorial classes
   Most of the students in Hong Kong take tutorial classes beyond school. We would like to understand the reasons behind.
gilgil 246   Nov-28-2003 - View Results
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