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Up One Level Arts  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired Where do you come from ?
   Well where ?
hunyaga 10   Jun-05-2006 - View Results
Expired Would you purchase clothing for ur doggie?
   I'm conducting a survey just to see if anyone will be interested in buying clothing or any other dog related materials. For now it'll just be dogs but maybe later expand to cats and other loevable ...
smallangel1 13   Jun-01-2006 - View Results
Expired Your Percption on Raymonds
   Hi, Pls help me in filling the questionnaire...
nimish83 3   May-26-2006 - View Results
Expired Graphic Design 06swok0060 83   May-23-2006 - View Results
Expired The affect of music on teenager's moods and emotions
   This is for our technology assignment so please fill it out. :)
punk_princess_12345 102   May-18-2006 - View Results
Expired Music influences teenagers moods and feelings bjs 24   May-18-2006 - View Results
Expired Which is your favorite Last-n-Line song from the CD? lastnline 101   May-13-2006 - View Results
Expired Quesionnaire about interaction between User and Earphone
   Dear all:
I am a student studying Industrial Design Engineering in TU Delft. As I am doing my graduation project "Conceptual design of an innovative Earphone", I sincerely ask you to participate...
iffen 139   May-10-2006 - View Results
Expired The Band/Solo Artist Tourney Selection Form
   Choose 10 bands and rank them from 1-10.
smokeydubs2000 34   Apr-25-2006 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire about reading habits and acceptance of new concepts.
   Hi, my name is Tsun. For my graduation project I am asking for your assistance. My goal is to gather information about your reading habits and explore the acceptance of new ways of reading.
tfkwok 78   Apr-20-2006 - View Results
Expired Research to show public opinion on functionality, portability and other features of a digital music
   Hello, my name is Vincent, De montfort University MA student. Thank you for your assistance and valuable time. My goal is to gather a comprehensive overview of current digital music players from th...
edesign 64   Mar-26-2006 - View Results
Expired The research of digital music player
   My name is Vincent, MA Design innovation of De montfort University. Thank you for your valuable time. My goal is to gather a comprehensive overview of current digital music players from the public,...
edesign 12   Mar-24-2006 - View Results
Expired MMOTBS - What would it be like?
   Hello. Thank you very much for your interest in an online turn-based strategy game. If you could answer these questions then I'll be able to design a game that's closer to what you'd like to play.
mirthin 54   Mar-17-2006 - View Results
Expired ARTs and cultures as a career donovon 51   Mar-10-2006 - View Results
Expired Science students opinion donovon 53   Mar-10-2006 - View Results
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