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Up One Level Arts  Paper
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Expired Advertising of Ocean Park and the Hong Kong Disneyland
   I am a BA (Hon) student in English for International Corporate Communication offered by the University of Central Lancashire.

I am now conducting a survey about how Hong Kong youngsters fee...
jackietse 5   Mar-13-2008 - View Results
Expired The New Music's from the Mid-20th Century, and how they communicate to a Modern Audience
   In New Music's I am discussing the innovative Music that emerged between the early 1950's to the late 1960's, and that is associated with composers such as; John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Terry ...
gardenofdreams 87   Mar-09-2008 - View Results
Expired cosa pensi dell'arte hojoon 38   Mar-07-2008 - View Results
Expired The New Music's from the Mid-20th Century, and how they communicate to a Modern Audience gardenofdreams 3   Mar-04-2008 - View Results
Expired Prueba charliesaurs 5   Mar-02-2008 - View Results
Expired Amber G - Band music and merchandise survey
   Thanks for taking the survey! It'll only take a couple of minutes and your opinions will help a LOT. Thanks! - Amber!
amberg 46   Feb-28-2008 - View Results
Expired outcomes of BRONJ bronj 4   Feb-26-2008 - View Results
Expired Beta Arts Survey
   February 2008

The Beta Arts group is setting up a youth drama group in Brixton and we would like to know your opinions to make sure we get it right.

Please can you take five minutes ...
dr03kda 5   Feb-21-2008 - View Results
Expired Testing Usability Of My Icon Design
   I had designed a set of icon and i need some feedback and comment to improve! Thanks~~
bluryeez 41   Feb-11-2008 - View Results
Expired Budgeting for Singers
   Survey to help determine budgeting practices and needs for singers and other performing artists
abigated 21   Feb-06-2008 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire about the behaviour of arts consumption and attitude toward classical music
   I am Wei-Teng Huang. I am studying arts management in the University of Greenwich and doing my dissertation about audience development. This questionnaire does not involve sales or fund-raising of ...
weiteng 23   Feb-02-2008 - View Results
Expired Creation of patterns by blank silk screen
   Dear Sir/Madam
I am a student who is studying Fashion and Textiles Design in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University conducting a questionnaire to study the creation of patterns by blank screen. I ...
emilytang1223 57   Feb-02-2008 - View Results
Expired testing nicolelawlaw 6   Feb-01-2008 - View Results
Expired Help pick a concept
I wanted to ask for your opinion. I have created 5 different concepts for my thesis project that will be executed during the coming months. You can select a yes or no answer for each of t...
cafedelmar 3   Jan-31-2008 - View Results
Expired Model Railroading Survey 2008
   Please take the time to complete this survey. The information will be used in my next class which is Marketing.
rjblhcaz 376   Jan-27-2008 - View Results
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